I'm going to be gone for the next 9 days for a conference with my husband. Then late next week I'll spend 3 days up in Baltimore learning more about the clinical side of the rarer diseases and conditions we see on our "Non-traumatic" forum. I'll be taking tons of notes (I finally have a laptop and an extra battery) on what they are, current treatments and possible fixes, trials or new ways to deal with these animals.

If you have specific questions I can grab the appropriate speaker and try and get straight answers. So, if you have one of the following please private message me your question and I'll put them all up on the forum afterwards (names removed if you wish).

ADEM (Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis)
MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica also known as Devic's Disease)
TM (Transverse Myelitis)
Pediatric TM
Lupus and other Systemic Rheumatologic Disorders

I'll also take specific questions on new options in pain management, spasticity, depression and fatigue (especially in TM) and bladder and bowel managment. I'm pretty good at trapping doctors in corners to get answers so ask and remember to mention if you want your name mentioned when I put the answers up here.

I've asked the Nurses to help cover this forum while I'm gone. I haven't tried out hotel high speed yet. I'm still on a modem. OK, so I'm slow.. If our regulars will also help out if newbies show up? Lynnifer, you know all the TM stuff so if you could... That reminds me. There is nothing on pressure sores in the program. I'll ask around about feet especially.

Anyone here who lives in Little Rock? Yup, what a place to hold a conference in July. LOL