Unfortunately I can't be of much help to you but I just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish both you and DH all the best,the arrival of a new bub will definately bring a smile to DH's face for sure.
SCI nurse I find the question" Were you married before or after Dh's injury"
irrelevant and totally disrepectfull.
Why on earth would you want to know that when she is talking about her husband's pain.
In the 12yrs since my injury I don't mind people asking me just about anything but the one question I HATE is "so were you two together before your accident".
I personally find it a really personal question to be asked and I don't even know carebeartrying but I can say one thing SHE IS TRYING so cut her so slack..
I know you do a fantastic job here but some things are better left unsaid