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Thread: Tito Vs. Shamrock.....

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    Thumbs up Tito Vs. Shamrock..... my vote for the fight is Tito.....

    It's going to make for an interesting night.....

    Majed and I are throwin our usual UFC party.....

    CAN'T WAIT.....

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    I don't be watching ultimate fighting anymore. But I did so back in the day and I want Ken Shamrock to win.

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    Ortiz! Shamrock is getting old.

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    Tito---hands down.Ken is past his prime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by van damn
    Tito---hands down.Ken is past his prime.
    altho' i like Ken, i have to agree..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2jazzyjeff
    altho' i like Ken, i have to agree..
    When Ken came into my world"Wrestling" i lost my respect for him.As wrestlers we are preformers not who is the best.Yes Tito has been envolved with wrestling but, he didnn't try to make a career out of it.
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    Okay, Mary Kathryn, don't get mad, but I really do want Shamrock to win, but I agree, Tito is gonna take it. I don't even know why they are doing the re-match ?? Oh wait $$$$$

    KK, you should find a way to watch it if you have PPV, if it was something you used to enjoy.

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    ken would win if not for the new regulations, now tito

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    I'm hoping Tito wins but Ken does have a slim chance.

    What do you guys think about Arlovsky vs Silvia?

    I'm going with Arlovsky.

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    Tito, is a better fighter and a better person. Anyone who watched TUF
    would have seen that. He's gonna beat the hell out of Shamrock.

    I think Arlovski is gonna win. I hope Sylvia wins, but I don't think thats
    how it's gonna go.

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