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Thread: wheelchair lift/elevator

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    wheelchair lift/elevator

    I need some info on either the stair lift or elevator. Any body have one? For the stair lifts can u transfer in and out easily. Is it expensive to have one? I'm in california, anyone know of a dealer...

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    I am a C-5 and have an elevator, here is the link:

    It is installed in my entry foyer, which is two stories high. It runs on a track that is bolted on the wall. Cost was aprox. $20,000.

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    riz, thanks for answering. I just called to have someone look at my house and it going to cost me about 10,000. I'm kind of hesatante about installing a elevator because if I do decide to move, it might lower the value of my home. Also I don't have 20, 000. But thanks I will look in to it.

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    No problem! Are you a vet?
    You can get assistance from the VA if you are.

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    I have a platform stair lift that I can roll onto. If you can transfer easily, go with the chair lift -- it's less expensive. The only downside is that you'd have to have a wheelchair at both ends of your stairs.

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    more than likely an elevator would NOT lower the value of your would more likely increase the value of your home
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    Hi we have a elevator in our home and love it, ours is inclosed--looks like I'm rolling into a closet to most. It has made my life a whole lot easier. Now that we are selling our home to build a one story completely accessible we are in the process of selling. It actually increased the value of our home. we have had alot of elderly and disbaled look at our home to buy because of the elevator. The elevatoe has been a great edition to our home and we wouldn't go any other way if we were doing it again.

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    see if your state has assisted tech. loans for disabled.
    illinois has one 3.5 percent for upto 40,000

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