I do not know if you remember me.I am from Mexico SCI 10 years post.I have seen how science have moved in these years.I have been to many places and meet many scientists.I do PT 2 hours a day 5 days a week and I can tell you that from when I had Dr.Kao surgery 8 years ago with shwann cells till today very little progress has been made.I remember asking him about OEC'S 8 years ago when they first were publisled.He said they where of no use,he said that in his case with shwann cells he had moved 10 years a head of science.And I think he wasn't all that wrong by saying that.
Up until a couple of years ago OECS have been used in humans with out any success sofar,that means that OECS of today would be equal as shwann cells of the post.NO CURE.
Now there are ESC and ASC a group of scientist support one and another group other,each group explaning why.But in neither case coming with a cure.
As time goes by I think we would not see a CURE in the next 50 years.Now almost all scientist have shorten the definition of CURE by not meaning total CURE,but some-cure.Because they see how difficult that task is.Even if there was a semi-total cure in which paras could walk they will never be able to play sports or do simple tasks because they have many discs fused.As when a walking person damages one disk and get two vertebraes fused the Doc tells him not to jogor lift heavy weight.But back to experiments,as you have mencioned before the cure will have to be a combination therapy and as I asked you before I will ask again.It's there any lab doing experiments combination therapies using complete chronic injuered animals?
If the answer is the same as before NO then we are not getting any where.
Best regards
"Elli,Elli lama Sabactani"