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Thread: Tying roho Pods off

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    Tying roho Pods off

    I read somewhere about someone who had some pressure problems. What they did was to tie some pods off so that there was no pressure there. Just wonder if anybody has done this?.

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    This is an old trick we used to use years ago before there were other options such as pressure mapping and custom well as many other models of Roho cushions and other brands as well. You have to be sure that you are not getting any pressure at all from the wadded up, tied off cell, and that you only tie off one cell with none of the adjacent cells tied off, otherwise you can easily bottom out.

    Now days it is best done in conjuction with pressure mapping, and then only to determine which Roho model or custom modification is needed.


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    i tried that once. my vendor mentioned it. i just tried it to see if it'd keep pressure off my bunghole. i could feel the knot/wad under my butt.

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    I had some of the cells tied off on an old high profile roho of mine back in the days when the only option was low or high profile. At the time it was the best solution available. Now using the enhancer model has been perfect for me.

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