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    N64 controller

    I'm not sure how many of you have experience with this, but I want to be able to play video games, and I'm a C4/5 quad. I see there's something out there that you can connect buttons to to perform some of the controller actions, but is there anything that is very easy to use to control everything?

    It would be sweet if there was something to connect to a wheelchair to use the wheelchair joystick as the videogame joystick. I'm guessing those don't exist, though.

    I only say N64 because that's what I currently have (from before my accident). If there were things for PlayStation or Xbox, I can always buy one of those instead.

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    i have one of those huge controllers for my ps2 but it doesnt work for anything but racing games and its half-ass for that, if you find anything for games like solecom or desert storm let me know

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    I have Xbox and I use an arcade style controller made by Intec. I got it at Toys R Us, the only place I have found it. It has bigger buttons and a joystick controller. I know there is also a universal one that works for Xbox, Playstation, and maybe Game Cube. Oh yeah, mine is also wireless.

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