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Thread: Which roho is best?

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    A seating evaluation where they do computerized interface pressure testing at a good clinic would try you on a lot of different cushions, and help you make a decision based both on issues such as balance and comfort and the cushion that gives you the best pressure profile. If there were only one best cushion for every butt, there would only be one on the market.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironside
    This is quite interesting. Did you have the shorter pods located in the vulnerable areas, such as the ischial (sit bones)

    My problem area is at my tailbone, so that's where the shorter pods are. I used to tie off the back middle pods on a low profile (2 inch). With the 3 inch I get a little more cushion and I leave those 2 inch pods deflated to eliminate all pressure on the tailbone. I suppose you could custom design a cushion using 2, 3, & 4 inch wherever you'd want it. I did work with a seating specialist & pressure mapping _ however, the mapping wasn't very accurate, telling me I had no real pressure on the tailbone & lots on the ischials. My skin told me differently. It's been 4-5 years & my butt's doing well.
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    The way I see it, the difference between the two cushions is mostly positioning. Assuming you follow all the proper steps inflating the cushion. Everybody is different but for the most part the pressure should be evenly distributed in either cushion, it's air. I could be wrong. Just my guess. I like my contour. Keeps me from sliding out of my seat better.

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    I agree with Bspill (both posts ), that it does primarily affect positioning (tho per posters comments, there are individual issues and various ways roho cells are being utilized).

    High profile, which can allow greater immersion into cushion, can provided added stability. The Quadtro Select has valve to adjust air pressue and individualize air height/depression, seat positioning etc. Greater immersion can also aid in thigh positioning - reduce splaying, esp if have higher cells along edges of cushion (serving similarily as inserts on Jay's for example).

    Contour, with smaller/lower cells in seat, can provide the extra stability one needs, as rear is fixed more securely in depressed area than if cells were even. If rear/skin is at risk of breakdown, then the smaller cells might not provided the pressure relief/support necessary of higher cells.

    If your concern is the stability/hip positioning issue, they also have firm bases/molded base(?) and solid seat base inserts. You can also put in a fixed solid seat base onto your chair in place of the fabric which can lose tension quickly and change the shape and position of the cushions, affecting your seating.

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