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    Howto Powerchair

    how does one go about getting a new powerchair if on medicade/medicare or with little/no money?

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    You need an evaluation by your SCI doc to verify your 'need' for a power chair. Your injury and function levels will be assessed, and the approval will be based on that. A good evaluation from a seating clinic can help back up the doctor's report.

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    will the doctor or seating clinic tell me what chair i need and the vendor to get it from?

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    You can see a seating/wheelchair clinic with a referral from the physician. A good clinic will let you try out a lot of different chairs, and then write the chair prescription based on your evaluation and their input. The physician then uses this prescription and their evaluation to write a letter of justification for your insurance. It is not unusual for approval from the insurance to take a long time, and you may have to appeal any denial. A good clinic will refer you to several vendors for would not be too ethical for them to refer to only one vendor.

    I would also urge you to do some research on your own, both on these forums and at to see what others think of specific chairs so that you have some knowledge and can ask the right questions (and avoid the lemons).


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    many thanks, this place and peeps are uber 1337

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