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Thread: Baclofen Pump

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    Question Baclofen Pump

    I have a baclofen pump for my extreme spasms. What are the other alternatives to a baclofen pump? I experience some problems during the pump surgeries so I'd like to find something else.

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    I am moving this to the Care forum where you are more likely to get responses from others who have a baclofen pump.


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    Baclofen Pump

    I am assuming that since you had the pump surgery, your spasms are fairly severe. With that assumption, you could go back to oral medications, try botox injections, epidurals and also do intensive range of motion. It is important to ask yourself what can you live with? If your spasms are so severe that they are uncomfortable, the pump may be the best choice for you now.

    You also didn't tell us how long you have been injured. Overtime, spasticty seems to plateau out and even decrease a little.


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    A couple of questions:
    Is the pump providing relief?
    What are the problems related to surgery?

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    Angry Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Rolfe
    A couple of questions:
    Is the pump providing relief?
    What are the problems related to surgery?
    Yes the pump is providing some relief.

    The butcher, Sam Ciricello (sp?), who did the surgery the 1st two times did not notice my spinal fluid leaking. My spinal fluid was funneling into my abdomen the first time which was attributed to the famous "female problem." The 2nd time it was just squirting out my sugery site for two weeks before a nurse noticed this. It was only later that I found out that Ciricello only practices on children at Davis and Shriners.

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    Red face Injury Date

    I've been injured for 8 years. No decrease though.

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    hi sachad, it sounds like you have a doctor problem, not a pump problem. I've had one since they first came out...I'm on my third, have put off getting my fourth, as I hate hospitals.

    I've had some problems with the catheter breaking and such, but without it, I am a floppin' out of control fool with no life. It really made my life livable.

    Best of luck, and if you get knowledgeable doctors, I don't see any problems...especially if you're gettin help from it.
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    baclofen pump a "godsend" for my brother

    My brother is on his second month of having his baclofen pump placed. I wasn't aware that this surgery was so major as to incision size and such until he had it put in. I almost freaked out when I saw that front scar. Don't know what I thought a pump in your side would look like, but that scar was big and bad looking.
    I encouraged his getting this pump until he relented and did it and he's been glad ever since. His legs were badly scissoring and having muscle spasms even though he was on oral baclofen and vallium and no telling what else for his pain and spasms. I personally am favorable to this pump, but am also glad that I've read your message about the problems occuring. I have read about problems with this pump, but all info indicates that the benefits outweigh the obstacles. One girl had written that her pump "malfunctioned" and it took them months to find the problem. She started jerking uncontrollably and flopping around in her bed like a fish (she said). I cannot image how she must have felt. She kept going back to her doctor and he kept looking and telling her he couldn't see any problem. Finally, they found some little something (BIG something to her, I'm sure) wrong with that pump, fixed it, and she was good as new.
    I dread pump problems, but maybe the good Lord will not put that trial on me and my brother. I certainly hope not.
    But it is an invasive piece of machinery and it is placed in the body, and being a man made mechanism, it's gonna malfunction from time to time I suppose, causing serious problems for the poor host. Man, that's gotta hurt, too.
    I was glad to hear the other options to this pump, should it become to burdensom to continue with. As for now, it's a definite go. Sorry about your problems w/your doctor. We've had a few of those too. Sometimes I wonder where some of those medical professionals come from.
    Good Luck

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    My first pump developed a seroma and I looked 6 months pregnant on one side of my tummy. They removed and found it had never had been hooked up to the catheter properly. Always investigate any problems with a pump and don't let your doc tell you its just fluid in the pocket, normal for surgery.


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    My Steven is on his second pump. The surgery with the first pump went just fine, no problems. The second surgery, (he had just 3 weeks ago) was a nightmare, they gave him to much baclofen, that mixed with the anesthesia made him crash. It took them the entire day and into the night to get his vitals back to normal, at one point they almost intibated him because of his breathing. As the Anesthesia and the overdose of baclofen wore off he got much better. A 30 minute surgery and 6 hour stay in outpatient turned out to be a 4 day stay in the hospital. All is well now and he is recovering just fine.

    The pump has been a godsend to him. Without it, his spasms were horrible. He wouldn't be without it now.

    I really feel like you need to find a different doctor.

    Heather: significant other and primary caregiver to steven c-4,5 and 6 , 20 years post injury

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