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Thread: If you swim or have pool access

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanttolive

    It was a great workout, and I'm ready to go again, but my husband isn't too excited about it.
    SOunds great! Remind your husband the whole getting out bit will only keep getting easier, everything seems to. I can't imagine how you did it even with help, that's quite a lift! Good for you! I swim at therapy, and still use a water wheelchair and a ramp.

    WOW! Read you profile, 9 kids ..... I give you credit! How old are they all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChopperChick
    I got a book
    Overcoming paralysis - Out of the chair into the pool

    I thought i read here that it wasn't good but I really like it. I think it is worth the $10 or whatever to pick it up, especially if you have pool access.
    Chopperchick, I looked on amazon but couldn't find that title. Can someone send me a link, pls?


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    Thanks for the encouragement, SJean. I did tell him that it will be easier the next time. I'll give him a little time before I ask to go again. He's the most patient man on earth; he just doesn't want me to fall again.

    I loved the feeling of being in the water again! It made me feel free and happy. Most of our kids were there with us, and we were laughing and playing and I felt really good for a couple of hours. I know it's great pt, but it is also great mental therapy, too.

    Our kids are 18, 17, 16, 16, 14, 13, 13, 9, and 7. We were foster parents for many years, and we adopted 6 of our 9 out of fc over the years. Of course, they're all ours now! Several of them are behaviorally challenged, and require LOTS of supervision and patience. There's always something going on around here!

    Cancer-related SCI, 12/26/05

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    Thanks SCI Nurse

    Sorry. I should have been more precise.

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    Swimming is always fun. Maybe you can find a friend or someone who can help you out if your husband is apprehensive. Also, people here have mentioned that many YMCAs have lifts or wheelchair ramps.

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    Good idea about the snorkel and floaties - I'm going on a business trip in a few days and the people we're staying with while we're in Arizona have a large pool. I'll have to get my husband into the pool with me and give it a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Thanks KLD.

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    Can You Swim W/supra Pubic Catheter?


    My brother is an imcomplete quad (C4-C5). Has movement in both legs and arms - limited on one side more so. He's been screaming he wants in the water since paralysis 8-28-04. He's just gotten completely clear of besores and I want to get this type therapy for him. He swears he could move and possibly even stand if he could just get into some water somewhere. We live in a rural town, but I have found out recently there is a pool within 45 minutes of us.

    My question is this.....Is this supra pubic catheter going to hinder him from water access? There is this hole in his bladder with a tube going to it. I realize that some kind of dressing would help, but when it gets wet and he starts moving about, this will surely leak water to the area this tube goes into his bladder. What do you guys think? Do any of you that have been in the water already have this type catheter?

    He has had bed baths for the last two years due to these sores and I would like to put him in whirlpool bath also. Do you think this would be OK as well? I know he'd love to have a regular bath and I know that water is so unclean .

    I am his primary caregiver (I'm his older sister). I'd love some input in this area.

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    JUST ordered the book "overcoming paralysis". Now to find a pool!!!
    I have been using our hot tub. Not the same as a pool but has helped a lot i think.

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