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Thread: Ayurveda Consultation Online (free)

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    Ayurveda Consultation Online (free)

    Here's a seemingly fun, free online service being offered by Garry & Sun

    I haven't tried it (although I may) so I cannot recommend it. I always enjoy seeing the imaginative use English is put to in Indian translations:

    Our only expectation is to suggest our site to your nears and dears for taking advantage of this free service to the man kind.

    We get too many requests for consultation. Every query is being processed manually by our Ayurveda physicians. So one has to wait for 2 to3 weeks for his / her turn to get the reply on his / her consultation request.
    I surfed into this site while searching for some ingredients for making my own sore healing salve; the idea being to save myself some $ and have a little fun. If I like what I produce I may offer it on eBay.
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