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Thread: Horrible buttock bone spur !

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    Horrible buttock bone spur !

    I have developed extreme pain in the right buttock region due to a bone spur (or heterotopic ossification) . I am a C6/C 7 incomplete quad six years out from injury. I have always had terrible spasticity, but now it is off the charts! I have had the area injected with a long acting local anesthetic and steroid about four to five times over the past two months. Sometimes it works good and sometimes it doesn't. I have also used anesthetic patches, which helped the pain, but I will probably get skin breakdown unless I alternate 12 hours on/12 hours off. The combined pain/spasticity is all consuming. Something has to be done quickly I would love to have it surgically removed, but I cannot imagine the lengthy healing process having to lie on my side or stomach. That won't work. imagine sitting on a hot iron causing every muscle in your body to contract all day long. That is my life right now. Where can I go? Who can I see? What can I do?


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    I'm sorry I don't really have anything helpful to offer other then if it's the kind of thing that will not go away, maybe you should fix it. I'm curious though, how do you know that is what it is? I have also developed a pretty nagging pain in my right butt cheek. I swore I dislocated it or broke something. I had x-rays taken that showed nothing. Something's going on. Sorry about your problem. I had also considered having the issue and figured I would just do it during winter. Pain is one thing but spasms that knocked me out of my chair would keep me home. at that point I would decide to do something about it.

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    Rather than making assumptions about the surgery, you might want to talk to a surgeon about things like the approach he will use (where the incision would be) and how long healing would take. This way you would be working from facts and not assumptions. A good SCI doc or nurse can advise about the skin problems and a good PT might have ideas about a seating system that could help with this. I worry about you trying to go this alone.


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    There is more to this that I cannot figure out. My orthopod and I figure the pain is the bone spur because we can see the new bone formation on x-ray and he can feel it under the skin. He also can touch my coccyx and sacrum and it hurts like hell. Sometimes all these areas respond to lidocaine patches, or injections with local anesthetics, or incredibly the pain goes away spontaneously when I have, get this, an episode of hypotension with blood pressure around 70/40, my spasticity goes away, and I become flaccid. These kind of episodes have been occurring after 6 PM several times a week. Now, I do not know if all of this is related. (I really think it is two things going on, 1, the bottom pain really is a bone spur , and 2., the nighttime profound weakness is something else). Whatever, it has me (a surgeon), my personal physician, and my rehab physician, all scratching their heads. Something weird is going on with my body and I have to figure it out.

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    This sounds like heterotopic ossification. Resecting HO (as you probably know) is a very bloody surgery and the HO often recurs and fills up the area left empty. Is it "hot" now? Is you alk phosphatase elevated? Do your hips light up on a triple phase bone scan? Then etidronate and indocin might be helpful, radiation treatments can be helpful as well. If the HO is mature, then the drugs would not be helpful.

    It sounds like a terrible quandary. Perhaps Wise will have some ideas.


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    David, I have the same exact issue. My pain has been going on for 2 years plus and 8 injections, still with no success of real relief. how are you doing today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannon52 View Post
    David, I have the same exact issue. My pain has been going on for 2 years plus and 8 injections, still with no success of real relief. how are you doing today?
    You have a spinal cord injury and heterotopic ossification in your pelvis? Injections are not used to treat this condition. This thread is also 9 years old!


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    Buttock pain

    PNine years, amazing! What's really amazing is that I have not opened "care" for about six months and just happened to look yesterday. Unfortunately I still have the pain. That terrible reaction I had describe several years ago was because of a deep injection of Solu-Medrol and I had a unbelievable blood pressure and autonomic dysfunction problems.. Three weeks ago I had injections of my sacroiliac region, sacrum and coccyx and I had my pain doctor go ahead and put some Kenalog in there because I figured the last last reaction was probably an overload in the wrong area paraspinal. I was dead wrong. fortunately the reaction was not as severe and I could manage it at home.
    The good news was for six hours I was completely out of pain. I'm still going to get injections and try something different. I may use Botox. Maybe the pyriformis muscle needs injecting. I am going to keep trying because I know the vast majority of of dysreflexia and pain is due to these areas . My life would improve tremendously if I could sit in this wheelchair without pain !!

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