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Thread: Road Trip!

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    Road Trip!

    I haven't exactly planned anything yet, but my friend and I are thinking of going on one last long trip before we head off to college together. Mind you this isn't till fall of 07 that we'll go to college so im thinkin next summer. We want to take a month or so and drive cross-country all the way to new york. Anyone done this post sci? What are your thoughts? Does it sound too crazy and stupid? Im just lookin for some input from some of you fellow adventurers.
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    Im in NC and in 2003 we took two weeks and drove cross country to wyoming montana.....Me and my aunt and my daughter. We had a blast. I want to be able to just hop in the car just once and drive to California.......Thelma and Louise LOL

    You can do it and I dont think you are crazy at all. It sounds fun. When I go I want to take back roads though......and see the country off the interstate.

    Go for it
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    I road tripped from Windsor ON to Halifax NS in 2000. I just planned my bathroom stops (accessible ones) and found out the accessible motels in the area beforehand.

    I love road trips. Next trip is in a plane though. I'm skeered.
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    In '87 a school teacher friend and I jumped in my van and headed cross-country. We left Va. with the goal of being in San Francisco for July 4. We went thru Tenn to Florida to New Orleans to Galveston to a week on an exotic game ranch near San Antonio. On to Big Bend Nat Park, a day across the border in Acuna MX, back up thru the 4 corners, made it 40 miles from the Grand Canyon and it was so crowded you couldn't breathe. Then to Vegas, San Fran, up the coast to Seattle, up into BC, back down into Yellowstone, Badlands, Chicago, then a beeline home. We were gone exactly 6 weeks, 11,500 miles and an awesome time.

    We roughed it for a lot of the time. We spent 2 weeks with friends along the way, 1 week total in hotels, and the rest sleeping in the back of my van. I'd do it tomorrow in a heartbeat!

    Go for it Boot, you'll have a blast.
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    Yes, I have driven from Fresno to Denver and back, Denver to Las Vegas and back a separate time and Fresno to Flagstaff and back. (All post-SCI, no problems)

    As an AB I drove to Miami and back twice.

    Road trips are awesome! Definitely do it while you have the chance.

    DeadEye what was your favorite part of the journey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattGimpin
    DeadEye what was your favorite part of the journey?
    Matt, since I'd never been out west, it was all new and exciting. I'd done trips all up and down the east coast but never westward.

    But I'd have to say that the most beautiful part of the trip was after we left Napa Valley and got into No. Calif. From there up thru Orgeon (and the Country Fair) thru Seattle, into BC and back to Yellowstone. The NW and Yellowstone were by far the most memorable of the trip. That part holds the most memories. Taking a bath in the middle of a river running thru the Calif redwoods, rolling out, drying off, building a fire, eatin' some jerky, drinking cold beer then going to bed right there in the back of the van. Awesome!

    At 6:30 in the morning having a buffalo appear 30 yards in front of you out of the mist tends to give you an adrenalin rush. Getting snowed on in mid July coming out of the north of Yellowstone.

    I need to shut up before I talk my self into another trip like that.
    "It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

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