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Thread: New Way To Combat Spinal Cord Injury during Aortic Surgery

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    New Way To Combat Spinal Cord Injury during Aortic Surgery

    This is an interesting finding because the drug diazoxide can be readily taken to clinical trial.

    22 Jun 2006 Page 1
    New Way To Combat Spinal Cord Injury during Aortic Surgery

    According the study done by Roseborough et al., mitochondrial K-ATP channel opener, diazoxide, prevents ischemia-reperfusion injury in the rabbit spinal cord. Spinal injuries are the common problems that occur during aortic surgery but surgery done to repair aortic aneurysms often results in neurological deficits. But the works of Roseborough et al has given new hopes to treat spinal cord injuries.

    The results of his work are published in the journal of the American Journal of Pathology. Weakness and/or paralysis of lower limbs following thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm surgery result mainly from loss of blood flow (ischemia) to the spinal cord, a consequence of clamping the aorta to prevent bleeding. While severe deficits can be controlled through reduced ischemia time, the mere act of reintroducing blood and oxygen (reperfusion) also causes cellular damage.

    Ischemia-reperfusion injury exerts its effects on the spinal cord via release of reactive oxygen species, damage to cellular components such as mitochondria, and initiation of cell death. Dr. Chiming Wei and colleagues from the Department of Surgery at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have specifically targeted ischemia-reperfusion-mediated mitochondrial damage, which directly contributes to cell death. They hypothesized that they could prevent spinal cord injury if they blocked mitochondrial damage with the drug diazoxide, which prevents mitochondrial failure and subsequent cell death.

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    Dr. Young,
    This is what happened to me, I am T8 Incomplete due to Aortic repair, my Thorasic Aorta was torn,11 years post. I read about some kind of drug called 4-Ap or something like that, could this drug help with my injury? If not, is there anything else that might?
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