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Thread: Relatively New C1-C2 Injury

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    Welcome. It only normal to be depressed/down for the first year or two. You have alot of adjustments to make/get use to.

    I am a c4 quad with a cuffless trach and have no problems talking. I am sure if you can get to a good doctor that knows spinal injuries he will be able to get you speaking again.

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    Welcome to CC! You found a great place. Everyone here helps out with everything they can. Glad you found us here.

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    Thanks again everybody

    I just spent an hour composing a reply...then hit "post" and was booted out into the log-on screen. Grr.......

    I am overwhelmed by the responses I have recieved. I wasn't expecting this at all. Thank you all for taking the time to share your kind words of encouragment. You don't know how this has made me feel

    Thank you also to the numerous people who sent me personal messages as well. I hope to be able to respond to them. But please bear with me. As I mentioned, reading and writing is a bit of a lengthy process for me at the moment! Especially when I do boneheaded things like forget to log-in.

    I had a not too bad day. I spent a few hours on the computer, worked with the respiratory people, and managed to have a few sips of a Starbucks Frappacino. That was a big deal because I have been craving one for some time, but eating and drinking continues to somewhat of a challenge. I am feeling very down right now, but it has been a good day so I can't feel that bad I guess. Now I am just browsing and emailing again--waiting for my nurse to come in and torture (suction) me

    Hey SuzieQisforQuad. Toronto was one of the places that was looked at following my accident. The other was at UBC. I decided to stay here mainly for family reasons. But Toronto or Vancouver may still be possibilities down the road....

    To answer your question about how I use my computer, I am currently using an eyetracking system. I don't have any arm movement and my head control is extremely poor. So basically, along with being unable to speak out loud, I am just a tad bit screwed at the moment--to put it mildly. The eyetracking system is somewhat complex and takes a long time, but it is allowing me to work with what I have and that is a very good thing. It is also encouraging me to spend much more time sitting up--something that has been very probematic for me for some reason.

    I have been very fortunate. I come from a computer background. Although my work has been mainly in the field of informations, it has, rather ironically, given me the opportunity to work with a number of assistive technolgies. Many of the concepts overlap between the two areas. I think that has given me an advantage that others in my predicament wouldn't have. More importantly, my contacts within the IT industry and university helped make the aqusition of the system easier than it might otherwise have been. A lot of people have worked very hard to get me up and running. I will be moving to voice recogntion when I am able to speak. I have a lot experience with voice programs, so that will make my life a bit easier.

    Take care,

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    Welcome to CareCure.

    I was injured Christmas day also...just three years before you.
    Merry Fucking Christmas.

    Hope you find this site helpful and you make many new friends.

    Take care.
    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash

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    We're all here for you, OrangeJello.

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    Wow, I collect Marvin The Martian! Great Avatar I know I am not your level as I am a c5/6 but my first two months in the hospital I was on a vent and could not speak until I got a Passey Muir valve, I will never forget not talking esp every time I see my scar. I understand your Orange joke! We take so much for granted. I hope you like it here at carecure, most everyone has a really big heart.

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    Thumbs up Hi OrangeJello

    My ICU buddy in SANTA CLARA VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER (Jim Roberts) was a C2. We were both on vents at the same time. They use to sit us up in chairs and we would stare at each other We finally figured out how to communicate by making disgusting noises. Jim did get off his vent and that was in 1978! He went home with his wife and they stayed together

    Welcome and there is a load of experience and knowledge here!
    Lynarrd Skynyrd Lives

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    Hello and Welcome!! My daughter Heather, 14 is a T-12, 6 years post. I had to laugh at your name, Orange Jello, as that was the only flavor jello they would give her after her tonsilectomy and she got so sick of it!! She had that done 4 months before her SCI and it brings back a funny memory. You will get lots of support here as I am sure you have already found out. Good Luck!!

    Mom to Michael, 16 & Heather, 14, T-12, 6 years post.

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    Hey OrangeJello

    If you ever want to talk email me

    I work from home and I have the time.
    Take Care
    Lynarrd Skynyrd Lives

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    Orange, I would encourage you to make plans to get to a specialty center ASAP so that you can get the right therapy for talking. Speech recognition is so much faster (and less fatiguing) than an eye-gaze system. I am impressed with your skill with that. I have tried it and after 5 minutes I was exhausted!

    Are you using a cough assist (Coughalator) and/or vibrating vest to help with secretion management? At least good manual quad coughing? Suctioning is a double edged sword (esp. deep suctioning) as the more you suction the more secretions you create, and the more you damage the delicate cilia in the airway that are trying to move secretions up from your deep lungs.

    How much time are you up in a chair now? What type of chair controls are you using? Do you have a portable vent on your chair or are you still on the big vent?

    Be sure when you log onto the site that you click on the Remember Me box and it will set a cookie so you don't have to log on every time (as long as you are not sharing your computer).


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