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Thread: Relatively New C1-C2 Injury

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    hey man,

    sorry to hear about your injury. your posts just sound real honest to me. sci's are tough! you inspired me to write my first posting (this one) so thank you!

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    No one heard from OrangeJello yet?

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    Hello Orangejello, just wanted to know how you are getting on these days?Ive only thought of looking up forums now useless i mum has a c3 injury,she lives in london as the nhs cover everthing for her, we would love to move her to ireland as most of family is there and she would have so much more emotional and sibling support in her daily battles but it would be too expensive over here as she will need 24hr care ideall 2 people at a time cos when she wants to be turned for example they have to wait for a shift change so she has put in a request of 2 carers now, we visit her regularly as possible but i knw its not the same.

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