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  • chess

    20 48.78%
  • checkers

    6 14.63%
  • backgammon

    14 34.15%
  • twiddleedinks

    1 2.44%
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Thread: Which game do you prefer?

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    Which game do you prefer?

    For those of you who play board games, which do you prefer. I myself am an addict of backgammon, and it's the best when you're out with your buddies on a nice hot summer night at an outdoor coffee house playing backgammon!

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    Like you, I enjoy backgammon. My favorite game is RummiKub. Major League fun!

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    The poll did not pull up when I first saw this thread. It does now. I voted backgammon, but I also enjoy chess. I prefer chess in the winter for some reason. Backgammon feels more spring and summer. RummiKub is great anytime!

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    I love backgamon. I play it on yahoo games. anty
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    Scrabble. Is dominoes a board game? (Minus board?)

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    Bethany, I love dominoes (the dominoes are the board)but for the sake of the poll I voted backgammon, love that game to.
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    I'm with Betheny - I vote Scrabble.
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    Sorry, guys, I should have expanded the poll.

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    I don't see quake 4 on this poll, whats going on!
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    Nice, Cory, but we all know it's all about Halo.

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