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  • Within 2 months

    27 40.30%
  • 4-8 months

    18 26.87%
  • 8-12 months

    11 16.42%
  • More than 12 months

    9 13.43%
  • They never returned

    0 0%
  • I was menopausal at time of SCI

    2 2.99%
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Thread: For women only Poll

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    For women only Poll

    How many weeks/months post injury did your menses return? And what tricks can you share that make those days easier?
    Men kindly stay out of this thread and start a prostate one

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    About a year. Its still not back to normal at all and im almost 3 years post.
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    About 6 months, and it's a real pain in the A** since it's not like you can just "pop in the ladies room ....." No tricks to share, but looking forward to reading some.
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    My problem was strange before my SCI i was never on a normal cycle i would get it every 3 months. I even had to use fertlity treatments to have my kids. Then when i got my SCI i was getting it every month. Now 4 yrs later i get it like i use to every 3 months strange huh. It just started to go back to my old ways which i really dont mind. anty
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    Mine came when expected, every 28 days like clockwork since I've been 15...

    Know your cycle!
    You may experience bowel issues and bladder issues a few days prior as well as extra spasms.

    I use a Kotex, extra long. Gross, but works.
    Tampons give me AD.
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    My advice....LOL Have a hysterectomy unless you want kids.
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    I said 4-8 months but it was not normal at first at all. Since I was pregnant at the time of my accident it changed things of course. I think it came back pretty normal around the 7-8 month mark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cripply
    How many weeks/months post injury did your menses return? And what tricks can you share that make those days easier?
    Men kindly stay out of this thread and start a prostate one
    Hello Cripply.
    I of course is a man and apologise for posting in your thread (or was it the poll lol). Well to be serious, a bit strange you posted this poll in light of what I heard yesterday when I watched the news with respect to this subject over here. I didn’t pay much attention to it but thought that if I was a SCI woman it could be something I’ve would have looked into. Other than that I have not investigated it any further but I did a search now and did find some information since you raised the question with respect to ease menstruation and thereby maybe some approaches like in the article I post below here can be good for SCI women. Anyways, here is the link and hope it can spark some more discussions and help out, do more searches if you like (and I will stay out of discussions but wanted to bring this to your attention);

    Canadian women close to a life without menstruation
    Canadian Press

    VANCOUVER — Life without monthly periods has always been one of the few things women look forward to as they grow old — but thanks to a new birth control pill, Canadian women of all ages may soon be able to stop menstruating.

    Obstetricians, gynecologists and researchers gathered in Vancouver on Saturday to hear discussion about Anya, an oral contraceptive being manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Wyeth. The pill is taken continually and without the seven-day gap other birth control pills leave for menstruation.

    More on link here (and much more on this if you do a searche on this news regarding this subject); Source.
    Sorry if I interfered. I will now go back to prostate discussions...
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    I got my period only a few of days after my SCI and Surgergy, and stayed fairly regular for me(t12/L1). Its always a pain in the ass when i get PMS cuz it's hard to tell if i just have cramps or have to pee or number 2. And i still use tampons but i don't get AD

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    i had my period when i had my accident and finished at a regular space of time. however, i didn't get my period till three months after. my mom and i both didn't have it, and we get ours at the same time. she got hers right before me when it came back.

    and leif, it's normal for a woman with sci to have an absence in their period after sci from the shock to the body.
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