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Thread: Urgent question from mother of newly injured

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    Urgent question from mother of newly injured

    I'm posting this on her behalf, with personal information removed.

    My son is 18 years old, and he fell backwards off a three-meter- high
    railing on June 3rd 2006. His T11, T12 and L1 vertebrae were fractured, with
    immediate ensuing paraplegia .

    He underwent surgery so as to fix his spinal cord and foster bone marrow
    decompression with 06 titanium pins.

    Temporary diagnosis : Bone marrow compression and bulbo rachidian trauma ( there has not been any section either of the marrow or the dura mater) .

    He has been presenting sensitivity below the injured area : it goes down to the middle of the right thigh and down to approximately two inches above the left knee, as well as occasional scrotal pain.

    I would very much appreciate it if you could send me URGENT information concerning stem-cell transplant :

    1) Are there any procedures nowadays, anywhere in the world,which could be done in this acute stage of the problem ? If so, please WHERE ?

    2) Are any data available as to the outcome of such procedures ?

    3) Which collateral effects are there ?

    4) Is there a possibility that a likely stem-cell transplant might affect a possible spontaneous recovery without the transplant, thus worsening the current status quo /( once there are signs of sensitivity below the injured area ). Would the risks outweigh the benefits in a transplant carried out during the chronic stage ? ( for example, infections, chronic meningitis, low immunity levels, etc ).

    Would he have to stop with his physiotherapy sessions in the likelihood of a
    transplant ? If so, would this fact lower his recovery chances ?


    I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU, and do thank you in advance for any further information.

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    Jeff, I suspect that this message was translated by a computer translation program due to the errors. The spinal cord is called spinal "marrow" in some languages, but it is not the same as bone marrow.

    It sounds like this young man has a T12 fracture, but likely has a lumbar spinal cord injury. If his scrotal sensation is not just neuropathic, but actual touch/pressure/hot/cold sensation, that would indicate either a cauda equina or conus injury with sacral sensation, or even sacral sparing, making his injury ASIA B.

    I don't know of anyplace that is doing stem cell transplantation in acute injuries. Due to the time since his injury, he would also not be a candidate for the Proneuron study either.

    Of course to provide information on resources, we would need to know what country/part of the world this person lives.

    Can you get this person to post on this forum or at least send SCI-Nurse a PM?


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    KLD, thank you.

    I sent her a link to this thread and asked her to join the discussion.

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