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Thread: hyperextended knee

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie chick
    Bruce, i have dorsi flection in right ankle, but can not raise it as high as left. I sometimes try to walk on a slightly bended knee but it snaps back straight away. Will you have to wear your afo forever?

    So Mr Coffee if i want to stop my knee hyper- reflexing do i have to work my hamstrings? Im hoping i can correct this problem with exercise alone. Just not sure what area to exercise. Can u suggest any exercises to help?

    I kind of look at returning to an afo as a step backwards, but if its what i need then thats what I'll do. I just couldn't stand wearing it through summer, which is why i ditched it. i think by not wearing it my ankle actually got stronger. I know this will not be the case with my knee.

    aussiechick, I probably will have to continue to use the afo .. I have tried but am unable to get my leg muscles strong enough to prevent the hyperextension. I know what you mean about it seeming like a step backwards. I walked without one for about two years, but I could tell that I was heading for trouble. The good thing for me was that when I got my current afo, it gave me the ability to walk about 50% farther in a day because suddenly my leg was way more stable. This didn't happen with my old afo, so getting something right for you can make a difference.

    I've done a ton of hamstring curls and they're a good exercise. I started doing them with e-stim and assistance, and got pretty far. Keep at it!

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    Thanks for the help Bruce, that article did explain alot of what is happening to me, and it got me uptodate on some new jargon i wasn't familiar with.

    Where do you get all these good guys at Bruce? I think i'm moving where u live! I hope there is a high demand for computer engineers there hah
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