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Thread: My next wheelchair

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    The wheels are just so tall

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    It looks ripe for tipping you forward if you hit something suddenly which stops you.

    Here are a few other opinions from the Apparelyzed Forum


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    On larger kerbs, they are taken by reversing. As the user leans forwards the chair tips onto the front anti tip rollers and at the same time, the rear castor rises off the ground. It is then possible to reverse the chair onto the kerb safely.
    Also, you need a chair which will help you cross the road more quickly, not slower. Dodging traffic in a chair's bad enough without making drivers wait for you whilst you perform such a task.


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    I want the chair that suspends me in air and prevents pressure marks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Fran├žais
    I want the chair that suspends me in air and prevents pressure marks.
    i second that emotion.......

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    barrel rolling?

    this is interesting
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    That is interesting, I wonder if it's a model or usable? Pat

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