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Thread: I have hospital transcript

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    I have hospital transcript

    We just got the ER records. Mike was given Solu-Medrol after the accident which is great!!!

    They describe the injury like this:

    Thoracic 6 7 and 8 fractures with T7 paraplegia. Computed tomography scan shows comminuted T6-T8 vertebrel body fractures with retropulsion of fragments at T6 and T7. Mild narrowing of thecal sac.

    People say they have a lesion or contusion etc. but Mike has a retropulsion? What does all that mean? I am a little excited about the steroid and the "mild narrowing of sac"....

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    I think the retropulsion just refers to the bone fragments pressing in on the thecal sac or on the cord.

    Contusion refers to bruising (as opposed to severing).
    Lesion is a generic term for abnormal tissue (whether traumatic or atraumatic).

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    It is likely he has a contusion (bruising) or crushing. "Retropulsion" means that the bones of the body of the vertebrae were not only crushed, but forced back into the spinal canal, and this is undoubtably part of what damaged the cord. Retropulsion refers to the movement and misalignment of the bones, and not the soft tissues (cord damage) which you cannot see on a regular Xray or CT scan.


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    And comminuted means that the vertebra got broken into several pieces. The thecal sac is where the cord is.
    I too had severe comminuted fractures. My T 12 was reduced to dust. Takes a brutal impact to do these things, too.

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    Cripply I think we must have the same injury. I went backwards through bucket seats of a small car.

    My medical records went on in detail to tell how they pick slivers of bone out of the nerves and then he adds I attempted to reach all bone fragments......

    CC your husband took quite a jolt!
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    Daisy, I was hit, then run over by a pickup. I donĀ“t recommend it to anyone.

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