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Thread: Pressure gauge for roho

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    Pressure gauge for roho

    Do they make the pressure gauge for setting up a roho correctly? My spinal unit seems to think there is one but I can't find one anywhere on the Internet. This business of putting your hand under the cushion to make sure its inflated correctly is ridiculous in my opinion. This cushion has been around for years, it's about time they had a failsafe way of setting it up probably instead of guessing which is what you are really doing since you can't see your hands under your arse
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    I guess failsafe would be to go in for a seating clinic and find how much air minimizes the pressure.

    But, gain/lose some weight, and that changes. Extreme temperature difference? Changed.

    On the other hand, knowing that the "proper" amount of air is just enough to keep you from bottoming out, and unless you want to carry around the pressure pad from a seating clinic, measuring with your hand is indeed the best way to do this.

    My 2 cents. I switched to a ride cushion :P

    -- JB

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    Given the same air pressure in a Roho cushion, the distance between your ischial bones and the chair platform will be different depending on your weight and how much surface area your bottom has.
    Nevertheless, I agree there should be a way to set the thing up correctly, and to check that it remains correct. In particular, an alarm when the thing bottoms out would be very helpful ... perhaps electrical contacts within the cushion between finger top and base?
    We presently have problems with a cushion that leaks only when it's being sat upon, so I haven't been able to locate the leak by dunking the thing in the tub.
    - Richard

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    Richard........ over inflate the cushion tremendously. Then stick it in water, you should find it.

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    I guess I was afraid of damaging it... but overinflation wouldn't put any more pressure in it than sitting on it! Duh.
    I'll try that. Thanks.
    - Richard

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    use blood pressure cuff guage....will tell you press in cush...pull guage off cuff, stick rubber tube from pump between guage and valve

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf
    We presently have problems with a cushion that leaks only when it's being sat upon, so I haven't been able to locate the leak by dunking the thing in the tub.
    - Richard
    overinflate, then rub with dishsoap/water solution - 1:3 -- then the hole will blow bubbles. That's how we find the leaks on tires in the shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyQisforquad

    not sure if that is what you are looking for
    And only $120 for the basic model.

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    I think that gauge will tell you if your cushion is losing pressure, but it won't actually tell you when the cushion is set up correctly unfortunately. If roho pooled their fingers out of their backsides, they could come up with something quite easily I think. You just need something that attaches to the valve when you are sitting in it. You could turn and seal body weight and then let it determine when the pressure is correct. It would probably cost quite a lot of money but what price do you you you put on your health?

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    Just found it says it replaces the finger under your arse method. It doesn't go into enough detail of how it actually knows when the cushion is inflated enough. And why aren't roho selling something like this?, probably because it isn't as good as it says it is.

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