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Thread: Durable wheelchair for foot propeller

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    Durable wheelchair for foot propeller

    Hi folks,

    I have been reading this forum for some time and have just recently joined. I am currently seeking a new manual wheelchair. I have had Quickie wheelchairs for the last 20 years and have recently had major issues with the quality of the chairs Quickie is producing. One of the reasons that Quickie and the DME provider have claimed that I have had so many problems recently is because (due to multiple and various joint issues) I propel the wheelchair with my feet (However, Quickie chairs worked fine for me as foot propeller for 15 years). Anyway, I am just wondering if there are any recommendations that would be better suited to my situation. I would prefer a rigid frame. Based on the research I have done on this forum, I have learned that many feel that TiLite produces a quality chair. Would TiLite be a good way to go or is there something else that should be considered? Reliability and durability are extremely important. Also, I am based in the USA.

    Thank You

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    If you propel with your feet, you most likely need to look for a chair that can be made in a "hemi height" configuration. How tall are you?


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    This is the set-up I have and it works great!l I'm not sure you can see it here. This is a test! I have tubular flip-up foot rests and they added the curved rigidizer bar behind my legs to stabilize the frame since there's no foot rest assembly. It's a TiLite ZRA and I love it. See if it works to copy and paste the pic.


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    Lynne, that file is on your personal computer so no one else can access it via that link. Try using the Advanced Reply mode, and then pick the little "insert image" icon on the top of the reply window to insert a picture from your computer.


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    Let's try this again. I do have some other angles I can send now that I THINK I know what I'm doing, if this helps!
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    STILL not working! Phooey! I'll work on it.

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    No, not the paperclip. That is for document attachments (Word documents or PDFs). Use the little square with a tree in it (roll over that with your mouse and you will see it is "insert image").


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    I don't know about little tree. But the path I use is: Insert Image/From Computer/Basic Uploader/Browse/Upload File(s) Wait a minute or two for the upload, it will seem like nothing has happened, but if you get anxious, it will upload twice. Don't ask how I know that.
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    I met with my PT today regarding a new chair. They are going to get me a demo for a couple of days on a TiLite Aero R. Would this seem to be a good fit as a foot propeller? Again, I'm looking for a very durable chair which can hold up to the fact that I sit forward on the front of the chair to propel it.

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