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Thread: Whitewater Rafting Anyone???

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    Question Whitewater Rafting Anyone???

    has anyone gone whitewater rafting? i'm going to check into rafting tours that cater to the disabled, but wondered if anone here has already done this?


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    if you find out let me know! I loved to hit the whitewater! Every year we made the pilgramage to the Gauley and the New in Wv. I miss it.

    What part of Pa. are you from? I understand that there are some class 3's near Pittsburgh. Not the most challenging as an AB, but now it might be a lot of fun!


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    I have been whitwater rafting in Iceland. This was part of a project testing kit designed by an organisation called Equal Adventure. There were two of us whoa are spinalyy injured on the trip and a double above-knee amputee. we were using a seat called the aquabac.

    This site gives a brief overview of the Iceland trip:

    This is a brief description of the aquabac:

    Aquabac TOPThe Aquabac aims to provide sufficient support for water sports participants with complimentary balance needs, in such a way that active balance is encouraged and that trunk movement is not unnecessarily restricted. The support provides a range of levels of support by providing two options of height of external support to facilitate kayaking, canoeing, sailing, fixed seat rowing and rafting.
    The seat attaches securely to the raft and provides adequate support to participate in rafting. The guide of the raft should be warned that as you will not be putting any weight on to the floor of the raft through your feet, this seems to raise your centre of gravity in the boat and has some effect on steering the raft. This is not a big issue but the guide should be warned.

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    Back when I was first injured I did a tremendous amount of whitewater rafting in Boise with a group called AMAS (alternate mobility adventure seekers) It was great! We rafted a couple of times a month on the great Idaho rivers such as the snake (Hells Canyon), salmon, payette, owyhee, boise, and lachsa. We did a great week long trip on the middle fork of the salmon river or "river of no return" through central Idaho. We used catarafts and duckys. I usually went with a para in the ducky. I do a little bit now. We have a nice trip planned for the 4th. Ill try to get pics.

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    I don't think they have a website, but here is their contact information. Not sure which of these is actually current so people can try both:

    Alternate Mobility Adventure Seekers
    Boise State University, PE Dept 101
    1910 University Dr., Boise, ID 83725-1710

    Alternate Mobility Adventure Seekers (AMAS)
    700 Robins Rd
    Boise, ID 83702
    Phone: (208) 384-4486

    AMAS offers recreation, wilderness excursions, fitness programs, sports and social activities to persons with disabilities in Southwest Idaho. A variety of adventure activities provide challenges in a supportive setting to build self confidence and determination.

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    Year before last when we evacuated for the hurricanes(yeah, real great time to do We went to NC...While we were there, we checked out a couple of the rafting places on the Nanathala River. They were all set up to accomodate the disabled. We couldn't afford it at the time, but I've got friends that own camping cabins right there in the valley and I plan on going back in the future and raft the river.
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    This may sound like a weird question, but what do you do with your legs so they don't flail all over the place when your raft flips in a class 5? How do you protect yourself?


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    Logistically, it's mind-boggling. How do you get from the boat to the chair?

    Let's get a bunch of us and go!

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