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Thread: SCI nurse HELP! Im about to cancel cruise

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    Unhappy SCI nurse HELP! Im about to cancel cruise

    Hello KLD nurse, I know you have traveled so much with your mother (including cruises), right now were trying to have TA try to help us but she isnt so clued into diabled traveling. We bought the insurance , and so forth, but not being one to travel often (like 2 times in 6 years) and only to vegas and seattle once, I was getting concerned reading on the CC boards you had mentioned (for crusing) and Im SO freaked out about going throught customs and the ports (LA,SD,Ensanda), I am bringing my meds obviously with me (all in origional bottles) but one is a Narcotic that I of course have to bring. When we traveled in states just through airports I was fine even with them in travel box where you put all meds for times to take), so I figure ok I will at least have them in origional bottles to be safe, however when reading some posts on that board people have said on diffrent posts at various times to others asking" oh you will be fine, BUT !!!!!! if you have a NARCOTIC thats another matter!, am I going to be sitting there in my Wheelchair having some DOG SNIFF ME OUT!!! and my purse (which is where they will be IN thier bottles), Prevacid,Demerol, Tylenol,Benedryl (in case of nausea which works for me), Robitussin DM (for if I get choked up at night not having my electic bed to sleep upright), and Mylanta tablets, Plus my Albuterol Inhaler (and puffer I use for it(cant remember the name of the thing I put on inhaler so I dont take in so much. Anyways Im honestly just about to cancel the whole trip and take our loss of the down payment. I would be SO humiliated if I was taken aside and harrassed, with my Brain Injury I know I would just FREEZE mentaly and couldnt handle it.

    I could just Cry right now I really could.

    Any help and advice from your experince would really be a blessing I dont know what to do.


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    I am not an expert, but I would just relax. I am cruising in July also, and I am planning to take my meds on my weekly am/pm med packs and a photocopy of my prescriptions. I may be wrong but I would not sweat it too much. I have gone through customs many times and have never had to even show my prescriptions.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    Keeping them in the original bottles is best (fill your med-minder after you get on the ship). This does take more space, but will help if you are questioned, esp. with the narcotics. Don't worry about common over the counter drugs like Tylenol or Benedryl. Keep the prescription meds in their original bottle, and if possible, get a xerox copy of the prescriptions to carry as well.

    Always keep your meds as part of your carry-on luggage (never check them). We always put them in the wheelchair backpack (in a big ziplock bag) so they are nearby and secure, and it is easy to get hand inspection of this when needed. 99% of the time they won't even look at them. It is not security that is your concern (as long as you don't have syringes) as it is customs when entering another country or re-entering the USA.

    Don't let this spoil your trip plans. This is a small, very easy to manage problem that is common for many cruise ship passengers, with and with out disabilities.


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    thankyou KLD and Paramoto I feel SO much better you have no idea , after being on the cruise board I was feeling like I just shouldnt go, reading someone talking about hateing when people in wheelchairs nip at thier heels!, or boy if you bring a narcotic you better what out!, and even fashion, I thought I would have to buy a 200.00$ formal dress just to be allowed on formal night for dinner and I dress quite nicely and appropriate. In fact I went to a second hand store after ruining the second dress I got (doing the seams) and found a Ralph lauren long black simple dress for 4.99$ Yup 4.99 in Petite small non the less! WITH the Tags on,ha,ha,ha,ha, when your my size (like would be for someone very heavy ) and in my case VERY small well shopping isnt so fun when you feel pressure.

    Sigh I feel better, will put them in zip lock on back of my chair in my chair bag and will get my Pharmacist (she loves me) to make copy of prescriptions. I was worried about getting on and off the ship with these bottles in my bag, so will just put some in my small travel plastic thing when going off ship and keep the pharmacy copies with me (sure hope that is what I read that you suggested.

    So sorry to be so frantic but I really do not travel and its hard to explain to others how hard it is with severe Brain issues (just the Aneurysm and small stroke alone!, but add 3 more Brain surgeries to that and lots of things become overwhelming easily to me.

    Big hugs

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    Go and enjoy yourself! You don't have to spend a fortune to look like one. Your black dress can be dressed up with some inexpensive rhinestone jewelry (check out Marshals or other outlet type stores) and you will look great!


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