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Thread: This Heat Is Killing Me

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    This Heat Is Killing Me

    I don't know about you but this 95 degree weather is killing me. I am a C5 C6 incomplete. I have been told that when paralyzed you don't sweat below the level of injury. I don't know why but I don't sweat anywhere. Not on my head, arms, chest anywhere. I haven’t sweated anywhere since my injury 4 years ago.

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    I use the external cooling devices like neck scarfs, hat inserts and wristbands. If it is hot enough I will wear the vest with the frozen inserts in it. Makes a huge difference.

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    Since you don't sweat at all, keep fluids up as much as possible to cool your body. It's easy to overheat and not about it.
    If there is light
    it will find

    --Charles Bukowski

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    Having a mist of cool water sprayed on you at intervals can also help. Kind of like artifical sweat without the aroma.

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    I recommend that too. Check out the MistyMate products. Wheelchair athletes often use spray bottles of water to cool themselves down. At the NVWG we also use damp towels kept in a cooler with ice. You can put on a damp t-shirt too (best if you are male). Add a fan and you should cool off quite a bit.

    I know some people with MS who have had success with this unit:

    Do you have air-conditioning? We consider it a medical necessity, both in your vehicle and in your home for those with higher SCI. If your physician writes a good letter of medical justification, you may be able to get some funding for this from your insurance company.


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    I have used a mistymate. At least this year in Alaska the heat will not be a problem for the games.

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    I bought a portable air conditioner which has helped a lot during the recent mid to high 90 degree weather here (and supposed to get hotter). Expensive but I can place it where it doesn't blow right at the bed.

    My wife used damp washcloths to cool off with until I bought a little Mistymate a few weeks ago. She loves it; we definitely recommend it. Downside is the price - "sale" $20 plus I think it was around $9 for shipping. But nevertheless it was worth it.
    - Richard

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    I have tried everything but when its 90+ nothing works good. I just go inside.

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    Talking It must be that jacket you are wearing

    Quote Originally Posted by bcripeq
    I have tried everything but when its 90+ nothing works good. I just go inside.
    I'd be hot too in 95 degree weather .

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    thats my cool vest! LOL. Actually I have a cool vest and it works best but looks dorky as hell. I take it on long trips in the desert in the summer just in case.

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