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Thread: ICU Psychosis??????

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    it was deep red/burgundy tones on the inside and then i went outside to this beautiful greenscape, probably tons of bamboos and was walking on like a wooden deck or patio (with benches) and a shallow pool with koi fishes.

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    Okay - thanks you all. I was just a little concerned. Im a little closer in age to him - hes 23 Im 30 - so I think he can relate to me almost as a "buddy" you know what I mean? Like he was telling me he had a bottle in his right hand and he didnt know what it was - so I just told him - okay Ill get rid off it - he said NO DONT GET RID OFF IT - OPEN IT AND SEE WHAT IT IS. So I thought this would pass but he kept insisting that I open it, I just told him I didnt know what it was. And he I think he feels as though people are being mean tio him he was telling they moved everyone except him upstairs. I said that okay Jeremy - I got your back - and that seemed to appease him that we were there and no one was going to do him wrong.
    I cannot believe you all remember these things. I thought surely he wouldnt remember any of this.
    But then it seems as though at times he is very much there with us and lucid. I dont know maybe not - I watched them give him the morphine yesterday - they never did do the drip - I dont know why - and I was just amazed by how MUCH.
    Thank you for letting me know that hes okay. Oh and they had Cheryl start filling out forms for his Disability and they need his social security card and license but we dont know where his wallet is we have looked and looked - so we're not sure how we are going to do this?

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    Saying you had his back was PERFECT. That is exactly what he needs to know.

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    You had some weird shit happen. I remember being high and in extreme pain but never was I not sane in ICU or I just don't remember when I wasn't.

    I hallucinated once when in the hospital but it was when I was staying on the rehab floor. It may have been a bad reaction to the medication.

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    I was predominantly sedated for 3 and a half weeks in the ICU, I think it was Propophil (easy to wake, easy to get put under). The first thing I asked my brother when I was fully cognizant was if I had ever left the hospital, when he told me I hadn't I let out a huge sigh, because I was convinced that my dreams/hallucinations were real. Dreaming/tripping for 3+ weeks straight was fascinating, scary, and completely draining.
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    These are all too funny now, they weren't at the time your experiencing them, however. Just continue to appease his rantings and keep him calm.
    It's all normal.

    In ICU, I wanted outa' that hospital (right now), my son said he was workin' on it with the doc's it would be soon.
    My cousin, however, leans over me and says there's NO WAY their gonna' let you out of here or move you to another hospital....I was LIVID and became combative...she was hustled from the room.

    My jewerly was being stolen from me each time I slept and woke up. NOT
    Smoke was coming from ceiling tiles. NOT But I didn't seem to be concerned about a possible fire...haha!

    I was bellaring that I wanted Officer Friendly to come get which point everyone outside the glass in ICU became hysterical which further pissed me off.

    Those rantings and "many more" are what brings my friends, neighbors and family to my patio every 5/20 anniversary to regale once again in my euphoric and sometimes out of body experiences during my hospital stay.
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    I think it has to be the morphine. I accused my boyfriend and my mother of being high on cocaine......"I could see it in their eyes"....LOL
    I also chased the ceiling sprinkler all around the room. It moved constantly......LOL I asked the doc why the sprinkler was moving? He said it was the Morphine.
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    Thinking about all the weird shit flying through the air is going to give me nightmares tonight.

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    info for nurses....

    I came across this site while looking for information on nurse protocol regarding patients with ICU psychosis / syndrome / delirium.
    I am preparing for my final year's thesis, and am researching how specific nursing care can actually reduce the number of days a patient spends in an ICU delirium.
    A sense of time seems to be the biggie....lights dimmed in the evening, clock in sight of the patient, but what advice would you give as a former sufferer of an ICU delirium?
    How aware were you of the nurses or doctors instructions? What can you remember about the care given to you by the nursing staff? Were there certain things that 'woke' you, or items in the room that frightened you?
    If you prefer not to write your experiences on a public forum please feel free to contact me on , although I would appreciate noting the feedback of others to your experiences.
    There are a great number of patients who have suffered from delirium at some point in the ICU, but very little is written about how these patients can best be helped. All ideas will be of great interest to many health care workers (well, the good ones, anyway )
    Thank you

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    In nursing homes they have signs:

    Today is (day of the week), date.

    That, maybe a reminder of where they are precisely and their nurse's name on every shift, plus a clock with am/pm. They'd need to be large...we don't have our contacts in in ICU.

    It needs to be updated RELIGIOUSLY, but would be tremendously soothing in my opinion.

    What a wonderful thing if this would be done.

    I wrote the highlights of my ICU psychosis. It was blessedly short. Feel free to use it or to contact me through Carecure.

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