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Thread: ceased neurontin and better strength?

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    ceased neurontin and better strength?

    this is something i have noticed and my acupuncturist also has noticed, she has a better view as she works on my leg 2x a week for the last 15 months.
    i stopped neurontin about 6 weeks ago. after 2 years on it at 3200 a day . my injury was 27 months ago. i had plateau on my leg /foot recovery after about 14 months. my neurogenic bladder retention had also plateau at 14 months, i had been doing a lot of rehabilitation and work on my left foot/ankle and calf which has been very weak /paralyzed from the L4/L5/S1 injury. my left calf was very atrophied in spite of everything i did. my left hamstring was also very week
    since stopping the neurontin my calf has really filled out and i believe i am limping a little less, and actually may in fact be walking a bit better, my leg and ankle feels much stronger, and the hamstring i can measure stronger in the gym. there is a definitely dramatic improvement in the calf muscle fullness, i started noticing this as soon as i stopped the neurontin. . is it possible the neurontin was also blocking the muscle growth and rehabilitation along with the pain signals?
    it sure stopped my bladder rehabilitation at 14 months. stopped the neurontin and after 2 years of intermittent cats, i am cat free!

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    Were you taking Neurontin for central nerve pain and if so, what have you started taking instead to deal with the pain?


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    I was disappointed when I tried Neurontin. I had high hopes for pain relief but when I took 3 - 100 mg capsules just one day, I lost the ability to roll over at night. I tried Neurontin again, over two years later, the same small dose and had the same results.

    Karen M

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    i was taking neurontin for neuropathic pain in my foot electric shocks, stabbing, numbness tingling, tearing feelings. for 2 years went to gabitril for about 3 weeks, than zonegran 3 weeks, now trying topamax starting last night.
    i actually was quite comfortable taking 100 mg of zonegran in evening and ultram during day, i guess i can always go back to that,

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