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Thread: Tears of Gratitude

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali girl
    had my family come to visit me every night (my rehab was an hour away) and that was VERY good for me. i got so clingy too, which is the opposite of me. a good support system is essential in a crisis like this. this is the worst time to truely feel alone.
    me too.. i got so clingy after being so independant. i couldn't wait until family/friends showed up.. keep his mind off things, if possible.. i mean what to expect down the line, focus on now..

    you sound like you have a good grip on things so far.. if you feel that he is not getting the necessary rehab, try to get him down here to The Shepherd Center. i was thoroughly impressed with my stay, considering..

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    I see you are from Westport. There is another great rehab hospital in Wallingford, CT, called Gaylord. I did my rehab there and was pleased with all aspects of the care. If you have doubts about his rehab then go with your instincts. At this moment in time you are his greatest advocate. He is most likely very scared, vulnerable, confused and also wondering what the future will hold for him. These are all natural thoughts. I did not have much strength in my hands too, hands are a very tedious recovery but I did learned quickly how to adapt. The Ot's were very hard on me and I hated it. Hope this helped.

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    New Britain Hospital for Special Care is also very good, I do outpatient there.
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    Where is your brother doing rehab in Boston, Spaulding or Boston Medical ? Spaulding is a wonderful place, I do peer visitation there and they seem sometimes to be understaffed but believe me their PT and OT department is wonderful. Very well educated and they really care. Please let me know if I can do anything, or if he's looking for a visitor in a chair. I'd be happy to make a trip in to meet him and be any help I can.

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    I have had some outpatient stuff at shepherd's and if I were to have it to do over......I would have immediately went to Shepherd's. The rehab I attended was set up more for stroke patients. The more comraderie with other SCI'ers your brother gets the better. That is exactly why this site is important. People will understand and offer advice.

    The best thing you can do is be there and encourage. Encourage your family/friends to be his support system.
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    Take a look at Whittier as well, in Boston (Westborough, I think). They have awesome facilities, pool and such.
    The therapists at Spaulding are good but the facilities are grossly inadequate.
    I had a bad experience at Shepherd, was unlucky with my therapists. Quads seemed to have awesome therapists though. The nurses are great.
    Check Whittier first.

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    M22 - The memories are fading a bit now but twenty odd years ago when I broke my neck if the Internet had existed my sister would have posted a message identical to yours.

    She, the rest of my family and my friends were panicking as to whether they were doing the "right things" - they were - just go with your instincts and you wont go far wrong.

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    While I haven't had a sci, I have had the priveldge of working with people who have had one and their families for over 30 years. Watching how people react to their injury is something that I have learned to do as a nurse. It helps me to know how to relate to them. I would echo everyone who says that being there is the most important thing. Listening or just sitting quietly- whatever mood you both are in is the best thing to do.

    Ask questions to everyone- you and your brother have the right to expect that people will answer them. I would strongly recomend that you think about transferring your brother to one of the 15 model sci centers that are funded through NIDRR. These centers specialize in sci care and also have the enviornment that is a big piece of the rehab portion of this injury. There will be other people there that have had a similar injury and will also be plenty of peer support for both you and him.

    Use this website- it is an amazing network of people.

    Good luck to you and your family. Any questions you have- you can post and people will respond.


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