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Thread: Heterotopic Ossification

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    Heterotopic Ossification

    Heterotopic Ossification
    I recently had surgery on my hips to remove my Heterotopic Ossification. It has been two years since my accident and the bone was growing in both hip joints one month after the accident. The bone grew to where my hip only had 15 degree's of flextion in each. We consulted a doctor who told us we had to wait for the bone to stop growing and then she could performe the surgery. She told me that she would do surgery on one side then wait a month (meaning rehab in hospital and not be able to go home) and do the other. I was upset because I have already spent 9 months in the hospital and this was going to be my first summer that was totally functional. I was onsure about the surgery and decided to wait and try to consult another doctor. Finally, I found a docter in Baton Rouge by the name of Kyle Dickson who use to work in New Orleans and was a great orthapedic surgon. I went to an appt. where i waited 7 hours from my appt. time until i actually saw him. He told me he would do both hips at the same time and i should be out of the hospital in 3 days to a month. Also, he said i didn't have to wait but i would have radiation theropy (took only 30min) after the surgery.

    I just got back from surgery I spent a week and one day in the hospital and I was able to leave. I know have 120 degrees of flextion and I touched my toes for the first time in 2 years!!! I wasn't completly independent before but now I will be as soon as I go through theropy. I found out Dr. Dickson is the #1 hip surgon in the US and basically wrote the book on HO. He is a great doctor and i highly recomend him for heterotopic ossification. If you would like his information and are having trouble finding it post your email on the thread and i will keep checking the thread.

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    Great! This sounds like remarkable progress and life changing for you.
    Hope things continue to improve.


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