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    Hi, been a while ... hope everyone is well. To the nurse moderator. I self cath, and I'd say I get a uti about once a year. I do my best to stay off antibiotics, but as you know cipro is often the answer to the uti. I travel alot, so sometimes I have to decide for myself whether to take it or not, without going to the doctor to get a sample. I know this isn't a good method, but sometimes as they say, gotta do what .... is there a limit to taking antibiotics. Appreciate your thoughts,

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    funny how this subject came up because I been sick all week with a UTI an the Doc.has been fighting with my insurance company to get me cipro but he failed.So what he did do is give me a antibiotic called levaquin so I hope it works.Ive been having problems with UTI`s on an off for a few months an hes worried about giving me to much antibiotics because he was saying its not good to relay on them.
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    Always get cultured, it is nothing to fool around with. You want to try not to become Cipro resistant as hard as you can and the best way to do this is to avoid taking it unless you absolutely have to take it. For infections that are sensitive to it, I would think taking a less powerful antibiotic such as Septra would be a better idea, but there again, only if you have a urine sample tested first.

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    My husband is a physician and he does intermittant cath. When ever he starts to get signs of an infection, like decreased capacity and frequent urination or feeling uncomfortable her just takes 3 days of antibiotics. Because of this method he almost never comes down with a full blown infection. He does need to switch antibiotics every few years (he used cipro for many many years and just switched to something else) when it seems they are getting resistant. He self prescribes a large amount at once and we just keep it around. His urologist is fine with his managment. I am not sure if it is a safe way to treat yourself if you are not medically trained, but its something to bring up to your doctor, having a supply around when you feel you are getitng sick.


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    I second Curtis' statement, although there have been times I've self-diagnosed accurately & a 3-day run of Septra has done the trick. Sometimes waiting for a lab is too long. I keep Cipro around, but I've rarely used it... powerful & effective stuff, but as Curtis said, you really don't want resistence to it.

    Work on preventative measures instead, e.g. drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

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    I don't know if this applies to guys but I self-diagnosed once, took Cipro for what I thought was a UTI and ended up with thrush. Cipro is best avoided unless you know for sure that you have a UTI.

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    Like Curtis said its best to have a simple test at the doctors to see if you indeed have a UTI.
    I been on a antibiotic called Levaquin for just 3 days and its doing the job.
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    As everyone is supporting, antibiotics are not something you want to take unless you have to secondary to the resistance issue. Cipro and Levaquin are both broad spectrum antibiotics and we know that resistance to them can develop.
    You are always encouraged to make sure you have a UTI prior to starting antibiotics, so do your best to do that. If out of the country you may want to take one of the over-the-counter UTI testers with you. If in the country get the urine tested at a lab/physician office.
    A UTI once a year is not bad and antibiotics once a year is not a problem, it is the repeated UTIs and antibiotic use that causes the problem.
    Back to the original questions, let's face it, people lead active lives and seldom, but on occasion, there are the times that one does have to act quickly, but hopefully that is VERY seldom. Most people should be able to get to their physician, or at least develop a plan with their physician for what to do when "suspicious UTI symptoms" happen.
    I recommend a discussion with your urologist or physician and develop a plan that is acceptable.
    Also, if UTIs are happening more than once a year be even more cautious. DH

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    I have been getting frequent UTI'S and my Dr. decided to put me on CIPRO to help prevent getting them. That means I will take it once a day and they said I would do that for 3 mths. Now reading this I wonder if I should call the Dr. and have him do something else. Any insite on that

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    Niese - Prophylactic use of antibiotics is not recommended as an ongoing therapy. You will build resistance to any drug used this way. Do you intermittent cath? If so you should consider Uroquid Acid. It's an anti-infective rather than an antibiotic and can be very helpful preventing UTIs without causing resistance.

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