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Thread: Hope for complete's, chronics?

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    Red face Hope for complete's, chronics?

    I have a hard time keeping up, some of the snippets I am able to digest seem to say that it's the incompletes and acutes who will benefit. Of course that is good but IS there some hope for the complete's? I try not to be too greedy, even a level or two would help so much. The higher cervical injuries are so devastating and trying to keep fit is getting harder both financially and logistically. Hearing on the news about the mouse walking, being interviewed by the news media here about ESC research, sometimes I get so upset that it isn't already in place and ready for trials. My patience gets thin and more often I get so angry when I see the divisive snide comments, course it could be the emergent catheter change at 3 in the morning that is contributing to my anxiety.

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    All I can say

    Is I agree with everything you say. A Cure or at least partial recovery of function for Chronic SCI is long overdue.

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    give me back my bladder and bowel control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan_nc
    give me back my bladder and bowel control.
    Same here.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    Hi Lilsister. Based on the info. posted on CC, looks like the only researchers with something near term (within the next 1-3 years) in line for chronics are Wise, Borgens and McDonald. Dr. Huang is also starting a schwann plus oeg trial for chronics.

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    Don't forget Total-Record and Neuraxo!!!!

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    I just wish my husband had his hands back. We are slowly getting used to everything else, but the lack of dexterity in his hands is such a source of frustration. And he is 55. When I hear them say 3-5 years for human trials... I could just cry.

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    Thanks Cherry. I always forget about Neuraxo.

    I'm with you guys. BB, finger flexion and trunk control alone would significantly improve my QOL.

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    being able to feel sex would improve my QOL to the point where I wouldn't even worry about something like QOL.

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    Im with the 'i want the whole deal cos' its possible and coming' posse

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