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Thread: What is the purpose of the Adominal Bind

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    Stormie, there is no reason that the VA should be dragging their heels on this. Call your PVA NSO. We carry them and issue them to both inpatients and outpatients on a daily basis. Prosthetics should be providing one to you if it was prescribed by your SCI Center physician. There is a VA regulation that requires this. I can get you a copy if you need it.

    For others, here is a decent abdominal binder that is latex free:

    This one is also fine:


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    I wore a binder in rehab, but I was still passing out. And I was wearing the compression stockings then too.

    I gave up the binder, and I didn't notice any difference. Now I'm thinking about wearing one again to hold my stomach in.

    I'm consulting my doctor about the possibility of meds for my bp, because I feel like passing out every time I eat something.

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    I wore one in rehab and then stopped for two years. Recently I tried wearing one again and I love it! It does hold my gut in, but better yet, I have better balance and I can breathe much better!

    I've noticed that I can interview suspects MUCH better wearing the binder, because I can keep talking! I don't haver to stop and take a breath during the confrontional stage!

    Just watch out for pressure sores!


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    Question clarification

    SCI nurse; would you classify and or are you using the term abdominal binder as the same as a corset, that many SCI patients use for help with trunk balance? When I was at Craig Rehab in Englewood, CO there was alot of patients using these and referring to them as corsets not an abdominal binder. Maybe over the years the medical industry has steared away from the term corset to use abdominal binder in it's place.
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    A corset can be similar to a binder, but it will have rigid stays or pieces of metal or plastic in the back that hold the spine straight. They can both be used to maintain blood pressure, but only the corset will help with posture. The stays can cause skin problems, and the corset is longer, which makes it hotter and more difficult to fit properly.


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    Research, Info, In-service

    As a first year DPT student, I am putting together an in-service on Abdominal Binder uses for Spinal Cord Injury Patients. I have been searching the web to find current info on the pros & cons of abdominal binders for Cervical SCI patients. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? The majority of the research articles I have been able to pull up on the web are prior to 2005. The remaining articles haven't offered much information to incorporate in my in-service. Searching abdominal binders alone has also proven virtually unsuccessful.
    The very green, DPT student

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    Have you checked any of the booklets published by the Paralyzed Veterans of America? I was thinking specifically of Early Acute Management in Adults with Spinal Cord Injury: A Clinical Practice Guideline for Health-Care Professionals

    You can download the pdf from their site.

    Since it is used for "Postural Hypotension" also known as "Orthostatic Hypotension" have you included that in your search terms?

    Out of curiosity, where are you going to school? My daughter just finished her freshman year in a DPT program.
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    I have looked @ the table of contents & it is not lookinng promising. I will take a more indepth look. Thanks for the info.
    I am attending a university in Virginia.
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    This is an old and non-controversial procedure for both prevention of orthostatic hypotension, help with breathing (abdominal stabilization), and the prevention of "quad belly". Because of that, I doubt you will find any more recent journal articles. You should find reference to it in the CPG listed above as well as in some of the more recent textbooks about SCI such as this

    rather than in journals. You will also find information about their use in AASCIN Core Curriculum and the ARN Core Curriculum as well as in this book:


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    Good luck in your studies.

    (I edited my post while you were posting, note my question on search terms).
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