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Thread: What is the purpose of the Adominal Bind

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    i'm a c5/c6 incomplete quad, i was injured in august 2009 i wear ted hose and my abdominal binder everyday i wear the binder to help the abdominal muscle so it doesn't strech and make me look like i have a keg beer in there

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee View Post
    Its true the adominal binders will keep ur blood pressure up, and it will also keep ur gut in but I found it alot better without like Derek.

    When i had the binder on, Sure it looked good but soon i found out my stomach would be even bigger when i took it off and it was also painful. I become dependant on the binder and when i would try to transfer without it, it was very hard.

    Ever since I took that thing off, i've been feeling better. I'm not sure if it was just luck or what but when i wouldn't wear it, i noticed more trunk stability. But for some it is a life safer as well! so do what works for you.
    I thought ur abs were rippled??
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