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Thread: What is the purpose of the Adominal Bind

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    What is the purpose of the Adominal Bind

    We are wondering what the purpose if of the adominal Bind?

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    It helps to keep your blood pressure up, so you don't pass out.
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    They used it on me for the blood pressure and to help me stay up without puking but they always had it on to tightly so it always made it worse. I just got used to doing everything without it. It's great for some and for people like me it's garbage

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    Its true the adominal binders will keep ur blood pressure up, and it will also keep ur gut in but I found it alot better without like Derek.

    When i had the binder on, Sure it looked good but soon i found out my stomach would be even bigger when i took it off and it was also painful. I become dependant on the binder and when i would try to transfer without it, it was very hard.

    Ever since I took that thing off, i've been feeling better. I'm not sure if it was just luck or what but when i wouldn't wear it, i noticed more trunk stability. But for some it is a life safer as well! so do what works for you.
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    An abdominal binder is used to compress the large blood vessels in the lower abdomen to help maintain blood pressure in someone who has orthostatic hypotension. TED hose and leg ACE wraps are often used to help with this too. Initially after injury, most people with higher injuries need one in order start getting out of bed. Gradually this gets better with more time out of bed, and many people stop using it eventually.

    For some people with higher injuries, an abdominal binder also helps with more efficient breathing.

    A binder with stays, which is more like a corset, can help to prevent spinal deformity if you have paralysis of your back muscles.

    Wearing one long term will also support the abdominal organs, muscle and fat, preventing overstretching of the abdominal wall (which can result in the notorious "quad gut").

    It is important that an abdominal binder fit correctly and be correctly applied. It should go from the pubic bone up to but not including the rib cage. It should be very snug, but be sure to keep an eye on your skin. Generally a "3 panel" velcro binder works best except for very short people who may need to use a 2 panel "rib belt" instead.


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    could u please steer me in the right direction as to purchasing a binder. the va has been very slow in getting one to jim. i tried buying one here in town and none of the pharmacys carry anything like what u've described. we want to keep jim's quad belly from getting any bigger. thanks!


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    I see your father's injury was a complete quad injury....So he probably has no functional muscle control in his abdomen....I would recommend sticking with the binder so as not to overstretch his flaccid ab muscles giving him a gynormous "quad gut"....

    Now for paras and incomplete quads with ab function(Derek and Coffee as examples), a binder is not necessary because their core muscles are going to do their job of keeping everything where it's supposed to be....

    Good luck with your decision...

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    They can mask injuries. Did mine, they put one on me in rehab so they could get me up. They did this every day for 30 days, only to find out later about my burst fracture. So I don't really care for them. Just my feeling's though.

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    Thank you all. We are trying to get him to wear it. Since he's been home (memorial day weeekend) my mom has gotten it on him once. And he has come up with his own reason he has it. I will let my mom know.

    He is a very stuborn individual. So my mom is choosing her battels with him.

    Thank you for you help.

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    i used em at first for bp. then for aesthetics. now i wear a purple hat.

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