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Thread: Do any of you sell catheter kits?

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    Do any of you sell catheter kits?

    I have never posted anything on here, as we are new to the sci world. My son was injured in January. I do read the posts everyday, but have not seen anything regarding the selling of catheters. We have an abundance of extra cath kits accumulating and was wondering if any of you sell your kits and if so, where? Our insurance company has hardly paid for anything that my son needs, (only $700 of his wheelchair, refused to pay for transportation from the hospital to the rehab center less than 5 miles away, etc), so I was thinking that I might possibly sell these and then pay for some of the things that the insurance company didn't pay for with the proceeds. They have no problem supplying us with cath kits! Any help you might could give me would be appreciated.

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    I am by no means a legal expert, but that sounds to me like a possible way to lose whatever insurance coverage you do have.
    Does your son have a case manager with the insurance company? If not, he should have one to act as his advocate, so that he can get whatever he is entitled to by your policy.
    - Richard

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    IMO, put 'em on ebay & don't worry about it.

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    Be careful--it could pose a problem with your insurance policy.

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    Someone will absolutely need them. Some kits (depending on what is included) go as high as almost ten bucks. If you sell them for $2 or $3 each it will be a godsend for someone.

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    Ditto on the e-bay thing....I understand the concerns that Richard & Dan both posted rerobs w/his insurance, so with that in mind, DON'T state in the auction that insurance has over-purchased them....I would suggest that you keep a handful of extras however b/c ya never know when he'll need 'em or insurance is gonna change their mind, or a shipment will be late...just have 'em on hand to be prepared....
    Hope this helps...
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    i have been seeing boxes of 30 mentors going for pretty cheap, much cheaper than buying them from suppliers.
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    Ebay them and forget about it.

    Since they are a prescription item, ebay may yank the sale off so make it for only about 7 days and start it on saturday. If you get a good enough bid, end the sale early and give it to the highest bidder you have.

    From experience here.

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    I'd sell them on Ebay. Most people go to Ebay to get those cath kits, becuase they are such a lower price than buying them from the medical supplier.

    If you decide that Ebay isn't for you, some Salvation Army places accept them and distribute them to low income families who have disabled children, who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. I recently did this with all of the Rochester closed system catheter kits that I can't use anymore. I had a mitrofanoff and can't use 14 FR catheters anymore, only 12 FR or lower.


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