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Thread: New Vehicle

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    New Vehicle

    I am thinking of getting a new vehicle because I need more room. Starting to travel more and need an SUV, don't like vans, so the're out of the picture.

    The only way I have found to get into an SUV is the TAS (Turning Automotive Seat) from Bruno. Problem is, you can't tilt the seat back, which I have to be able to do to load my wheelchair frame into the vehicle where I have the tires and frame setting on the passenger seat. I can't lift myself up from about 22" (W/C seat cushion height) to 36" (SUV seat height) (T-4 level).

    Lowering kits will only lower an SUV about 3". Any suggestions?

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    Its easy once you get the hang of it. Put feet in first. Both. Lift yourself onto your wheel then with one hand on the seat and the other up on the door just up from the hinges and mirror, push yourself up and in. I have a string and hook that I hook on my handrim so my chair doesnt roll away. Its all in positioning of legs. Dont let them fight you!

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    I know they're only slightly cooler than a van, but have you ever considered a station wagon? They've got all the room you need and have a wheel height that makes it much easier to get into. The new ones from Audi, VW, BMW, et al look a lot better than the grocery getters of yore.

    Christ, if my 16 year-old self saw this, he'd kill me.

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    Drop kits

    You can get drop kits to lower an SUV as much as you need. Even air bags or hydraulics if you're willing to pay.
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    If youre thinking about an SUV check out Toyota's new FJ Cruiser

    It has a suicide door that might work for your chair. Bruno definitely makes toyota compatible products (I'm waiting for my '06 Tundra to get finished up!) It is brand new, so the TAS by Bruno may not work. A good friend of mine recently purchased one and loves it (she has had a number of suv's vw touraeg, range rover, benz etc etc).

    As far as wagons go, definitely try before you buy. I ended up buying and selling a BMW 540i Touring Sport wagon because it was damn near impossible to get the chair in the car (I'm 6'3, it was to tight to get the chair over my body)

    You may want to check out a double/quad cab truck as a possibility.
    Here's the thread I started on my truck:

    Good luck in your decision
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    I've been eyeing up the Saturn Vue (AWD SUV) for a second vehicle to pull the potential boat I don't own yet around (lol). They sit lower than the standard SUV's.

    If you park next to a sidewalk it's almost a perfect transfer for any other SUV -- I've been trying to come up with something - a wooden block perhaps although not very practical - to bring my height up. After 21yrs, I'm not lifting anymore than I have to - not at this late stage of the game. Besides, I'd probably give myself a heart attack and my right shoulder would totally give out on me.
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    Subaru Forrester is a great car - 4xwheel drive, great visibility, lots of room, and easy to get in and out of.

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    As bcripeg says its more practice and technique. I'm a t4 complete and got into a Range Rover no problem. The wheelchair needs to be watched as it can wheel away. One hand on the car seat, the other on top of the car door, the lift your wieght upward and over onto the car seat. My feet were placed in position in the car first.

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    Thanx for the tips. I currently own a station wagon, Dodge Magnum RT. Problem is after loading my chair, shower bench, luggage, etc., the car is packed and I still need some additional cargo storage room. I like the car since it is a level transfer and the only mod I have done is handcontrols. I can load myself and the chair into the car in about 60 seconds and I'm gone.

    I may practice loading myself into an SUV using the legs first technique. I had a Suburban before my accident, never thought I would own such a beastly vehicle, but for traveling they are ideal and the ride is smooth and quiet as well.


    A Saturn Vue slowly passed me by the other day and it wasn't much higher than my Magnum. Good suggestion.

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    look at a chrysler pacifica rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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