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Thread: It's small but...

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    That's what she said. Wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun
    ''Unit 10 to dispatch'...''Go ahead unit 10''...''Dispatch we are in pursuit of pacman and requesting back up,he is heading northbound on Kingmeres ave at speeds approaching 5km/hr throwing beer cans at us and is giving us what appears to be the finger...oh,dispatch be advised pacman has just struck a squirell and fallen over and puked out a guy in a wheelchair''
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz
    WTF is that?

    Can it beat a ricshaw?

    What does it top out at???



    If you rub it on the carpet, it'll go!

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    I just want to know if you could drive it IN to the pub, and park inside
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    i had one of them when i was a kid...there really tippy

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    If we put a FreeWheel on it maybe that would solve the pebble issue?

    Just say'n...


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    you folks are funny.

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    It is cearly not a versatile vehicle for going on long inter-city journeys but as a cheap to run electric vehicle that only requires a small space to park in where parking space is at a premium it could fill a very specific niche and I would see it as a complimet to a more conventional car rather than a replacement and in that role I can see its value. The link below gives a little more information

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    This one is not electric but gets 90 miles per gallon. I don't know how long it would take to go 90 miles though.
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