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    I'll be an auntie REALLY soon, and I'm planning on getting my brother one of those baby carriers where you can 'wear' your child... or have your hands more free when walking/shopping/doing whatever. He and his wife are very active and they also go for walks often and spend tons of time at the dog park with their massive dog, so we've discussed it would be something he'd like.

    Price isn't something I'm worried about right now, but as I don't have any kids, I don't have any idea which ones are better/for which age groups/which ones worked for other people...

    I seem to like the 'sling' type ones in theory- even though it seems like they would only work for smaller children and or infants. They seem more intimate than those huge braced black backpack type ones.

    Did you or your significant other use any of these kinds of things and/or what did you prefer?

    thanks in advance,
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    We used a simple, soft one which held the baby in front, and liked it very much.
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    ....with my kids i used a sling til they were about 4 or 5 mos. then went to a chest pack until they either got too heavy or too tall, then went to a backpack....we were very active outdoors and you can't drag them everywhere....kid packs have evolved greatly and there are alot of choices...somthing that can grow with the child are the best bet...some now can go from chest to back also....

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    I tried the sling with my daughter, and she hated it. BabyBjorn makes great front carriers. When they are newborns, they face you, and there is good head support, and when they are a bit older, you turn them around and they face forward.

    A bit expensive but totally worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feisty
    I seem to like the 'sling' type ones in theory- even though it seems like they would only work for smaller children and or infants. They seem more intimate than those huge braced black backpack type ones.
    My kids are older, and when they were little I never found a carrier I really liked. SOme of the new ones out there look sooooo much better than the choices I had. But my husband really liked the big backpack ones when the kids got older. Once they were sitting up until they were almost two he used them all the time. As well as taking the kids hiking and for walks, he found them good for using around the house and yard where he could work with them along. They were always peering over his shoulder to see what he was up to! I'm guessing my oldest was about 9 months old here.

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    I used a sling (homemade, 2 yards of fabric) for all my children, both as infants and toddlers - as infants they lie in it, as toddlers it supports their butt on the parent's hip. I also used it to carry them just above my lower back, African style, very stable when doing chores like hanging laundry.

    I also had a bazillion different manufactured baby carriers, mostly frontpacks, my favorite was a Japanese one very like this one.
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    We use the front cariers like what Shannon describe to carry around my nieces. Just about everyone in the family has carried the girls in them, they work great.
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