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Thread: First Embryonic Stem Cell Clinical Trial Imminent

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    First Embryonic Stem Cell Clinical Trial Imminent

    "California-based Geron has announced that the first embryonic stem cell trial may be in the not-so-distant future. Tom Okarma, Geron's CEO, recently announced that the company will be seeking permission from the FDA to begin clinical trials. From the article: 'Geron's plan is to treat people that have acute spinal injuries with oligodendrocyte progenitor cells grown from human ESCs. Oligodendrocyte cells support neurons in the brain and spine by sheathing them in myelin, a fat that helps neurons to transmit signals.'"

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    Good news. I knew it wouldnt be much longer before we started doing clinical trials. Well, I better not get my hopes up too much. It has to be approved by the FDA still.

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    First embryonic stem cell trial possible: report

    This will be a big step. this is for acutes, finally someone will start clinical trials that we need it so much. I hope they will be succesfull, then others will follow up maybe for chronic like us.

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