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Thread: Underwear or what?

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    Underwear or what?

    My bowel program has been regular for a while, so I got brave and dicided to quit wearing the "diapers."

    I would go without underwear, but sometimes I have a "wet fart" and don't want to mess up the cushon on my chair or whatever I'm sitting on at the time.

    I've been wearing cotton boxer shorts to have an extra layer between my butt and the cushon, but it takes about twice as long to get dressed. Today after I got the boxers on, I just didn't feel like wrestling with the pants, so I've been going around the house in boxers.

    Are there any other alternatives?

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    The more layers of cloth between your butt and the wheelchair cushion, the worse it is for your skin. That's the principle we would follow.

    I don't know about your level of injury or challenges with dressing, but form fitting underwear would probably be easier to manage than boxers, say long legged cotton briefs for example.

    I hope this helps


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    jim, ever try wearing pantiliners?

    they come in vaious sizes/thickness and can be worn as guard against minor "incidents". Much better than bulky diaper type garments and you can even get them with "wings"!

    hopefully, if you don't have any gender identity issues, or simply want to get in touch with your feminine side, this won't be too traumatic

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    This is hilarious. I didn't know what wings were until I got married. They're adhesive attachments normally designed to wrap around to the outside of a woman's underwear and hold the pad in place on the inside. Unfortunately, the adhesive is on the wrong side to use the wings to attach the pad to your butt. You could attach it to the inside of your underwear or pants, tho.

    My wife would laugh for a week if I tried using pads. I might do it just to amuse her!

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    The best alternatives for boxers in my opinion, is to start wearing lycra or spandex running shorts. The main advantages are that they go on very easily, the material will pretty much wrap around your fist as your pulling up, and there are no, or very low profile seams. Plus, it doesn´t look like your running around in your underwear all the time, and they are very comfortable.

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    Walmart has under guards for men. That way you dont have to wear the diaper type thing.

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    I wear cotton boxers daily + pants or shorts. Boxer briefs ride up too easily & I never found them comfortable. I've never had skin problems wearing knit or flannel underwear as a 1st layer. I used to mountain bike & the idea of tight/bike shorts has crossed my mind b/c they're pretty maintence-free even in active environments, but I've never cared all that much to try, as SCI has ripped enough dignity from me already to wear them instead of underwear.

    My personal suggestion would be to NOT go for the diaper stuff. Figure out better management techniques, even if it means another 10min w/ the BP to make sure you're clear... & go with it. I'm just saying this from my experience. Praise God I haven't had a bowel mishap in > 3 years; I guess I just try to stay as "normal" with my clothing as possible. First & formost, figure out what your skin can tolerate.

    btw, I'm c6/7, & up all day, every day.

    ~ scott

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