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Thread: Finally getting highspeed finally...need a router, suggestions?

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    Finally getting highspeed finally...need a router, suggestions?

    Yes first I dumped Windows ME now dial up! I wil no longer feel like a neanderthal. Only thing is comcast will be here on tues so I need to find out about a router. We have 2 computers, one windows, one Mac maybe 30 feet apart from each other if it matters. The Comcast guy said something about wireless, any issues I should know about? Thanks guys.
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    I use a Linksys wireless router and have very few problems with it....My parents have a Dlink one and have very few problems....sooo I can recommend either one of them. The thing to remember is if your computers don't already have wireless cards, you will also need those. Costco and Sam's Club usually have a good deal on a wireless router/card combo pack for either a desktop or notebook computer depending on which you need.

    NOW, if neither of your computers are laptops and you don't plan on moving them, you can buy a non-wireless router for quite a bit less money. Then all ya have to do is buy a couple of CAT5E cables.

    Both of the brands that I mentioned have no problems with combining Mac & Windows.....I'm on a Mac & everyone else in my family are on PCs...

    Hope I helped and didn't confuse you more...
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    Maybe contact ComCast and get a modem/router combo.... But if you can't get a Linksys. More reliable than the Dlink i had, but more expensive.

    I would get a wireless router even though your running hardwired computers. Makes future expansion, or rearrangement easy. If you got the bucks a router with a print server is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leschinsky
    The Comcast guy said something about wireless, any issues I should know about? Thanks guys.
    Just make sure the cable guy (or whoever) turns on WPA encryption and don't lose your password! Congrats and welcome to the 21st-century!

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    I would go with a wireless setup even though I didn't have wireless ready computers. It will cost a few dollars more but like said above when it comes to moving and expansion you can't beat the ease of wireless. Also should friends come over or something they can all get online and not have to find someplace to plugin. I don't think you would go wrong regardless of what you purchase whether it be D-link, Netgear, Linksys, or what ever other brand there might be. They all tend to work about the same with easy to follow setup guides. I personaly like Netgear but no need to buy Netgear just because a few of us prefer it. Get what fits your budget.
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    thanks guys. The prices are more than I thought, is there really much difference in speed? Especially since one computer will hardly be used for web surfing, mostly email lol.
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    As l ong as you stick with 802.11g speed won't ever be an issue. There are however difrent technologies from each company giving you superG PreN and a host of other options for wireless that are basicaly speed and distance imrpovements. Unless you are moving large gig or more files back and forth from one computer to the other or to a stereo or something I wouldn't think of getting any of the newest technologies that improve speed and range. I would stick with the current standard 802.11g and that will be compatible with any thing else new that has come out. Then if you wish to upgrade in the future you don't have to buy all new hardware at once. If you want superior speed over wireless and the greatest range you can find then I would go with Belkin's PreN wireless networking solutions. Right now though I think in your situation it is overkill.

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    In leet speech: |_1/\/k$y$ pwnz j00! 1337!!!

    Translation: Linksys is very good.

    I have had no problems with it as of yet. My internet is just slow.

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    Don't use a D-Link. I hate it.

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    I noticed compusa and other cos. have refurbished routers has anyone ever bought a refurbished item from a reputable co. before? Or ebay? I couldn't find a wireless adapter card on my new computer so I guess we'll be buying 2 of those too, drat!
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