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Thread: Exercises at home & facility .pdf

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    Lizbv--Thanks, most of exercises are what I do at home.I'm a band killer,popped a bunch.
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    I've got to fat for my chair

    I am a T9 and I got hooked on ice cream and butter fingers for about a week and it now has showed up on my butt and legs. I was atrofied (sp) pretty bad for a while until this happened. Now I need to find a way to exercise to get it off. I am on a diet but without exercise I'm not going to get it off. I have started to do crunches and doing the best I can on sit ups on the bed.

    So now I'm asking if anyone knows an exercise to help me. Now take in consideration that I am a complete. I have a Clours chair that I have to get rid of
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    Hi Mary....if you can, use a strap tied or looped at end of bed to help with sit ups. Use rope to pull yourself up. in your chair, use small hand weights, and do rotational trunk exercise. Hold arms out, and turn as far one way, then the other. Start with sets of 10, then increase weight, and reps as you get stronger. If you can, a variation on this is to sit up in bed, and reach down to touch toes with opposite side hand. Dont use weights for this.

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    Thanks Graybeard, I though of that also. The weirdest thig is I thought I was putting in a new post. I guess I was in this one when I posted. LOL
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    Occupational therapist referral if possible

    Dear Nurses,
    I live in a small town in West Texas, Midland Texas ZIP code 79705.
    I was needing help finding a occupational therapists that would be willing to come into my home possibility for two hours a day they will be paid by me I also have enough equipment here to use. I am unable to get out into the community to see what is available.
    Thanks in advance for your help
    my e-mail address is
    Michael B.

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    great excercises. i find it easier to do some of these one arm at a time if possible b/c of balance problems

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    If you're looking for ways to work out, check out Wheelflex is a brand new product just about to hit the market for wheelchair users to work out. It attaches right to just about any chair. It is basically a pully system with adjustable tension from free pulling to a dead stop, and allows you to work out all upper body muscle groups. We were having trouble with the email link, so if you have questions and cannot contact through the website, email me directly at and I would be happpy to provide you with more information. Just put Wheelflex in the subject box so I know who you are, or else I'll probably delete the email without reading it. As a wheelchair user myself, I have found Wheelflex as a great way to work out and you don't even have to get out of the chair!

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    For patient of 67 year having 4+5 D damaged turining into paraplegia for last 18 months what excercise

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    knmotta, what are his capabilities? Does he have a complete injury, or can he move his legs at all?
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