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Thread: Exercises at home & facility .pdf

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    Thanks, I think this is a good program for a number of people.

    I am not one who generally feels compelled to be politically correct (with a preface like that, here comes some political correctness), but I wish that they had not used the term "confined to a wheelchair." Once someone pointed out to me that without the wheelchair I would truly be confined, probably to my bed, I saw that the term "confined" really does not fit. With the modern wheelchair, I am freed rather than confined.

    Sorry for that digression. The information in this is very helpfu.

    Thanks again for posting it!

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    Great exercizes. Thanks

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    What kind of excercise is required to be done in Paraplegia?

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    It all depends on your level of paralysis. The best thing to do is experiment with different techiniques to see if you can accomplish some of the exercises.

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    If you can afford it or can get insurance to buy it for you, I HIGHLY recommend the Schwinn Windjammer ( That seat comes off the rail and you can wheel right up to it. It's got very comfortable hand grips, a computer, and the fan blades blow air on you. It's very durable, too.

    I had a cheaper one for a few years - the "PowerTrainer" ( It was CRAP. It wobbled, the hand grips were set at an uncomfortable angle, and it was loud. I eventually cracked the steel base plate where the cycle connects to the base from rigourous use. Don't bother with it.
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    Thanks for posting the pdf file. It's very useful!

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    intelmikey47, just how long do you cycle in order to burn 800 calories?

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    We need some for legs. They are great though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    I have a 7 mb .pdf file of basic exercises for wheelchair users I scanned that I will upload to the site if the moderators are intetrested. The contents are:
    Program overview
    Exercises at Home
    Exercises at an exercise facility

    The exercises likely are not applicable to everyone, as we are all obviously at different physical and function levels. But, a good resource for those of us w less function.
    Im interested in some more exercises to add to my program
    email me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike C
    Click on the above link for the file, 4wheelen

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