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Thread: Sore care

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    Sore care

    I've developed a sore on my left butt cheek, for lack of a better description, right about an inch from the top of the ol butt crack and maybe 2 inches to the left. At this point it almost resembles more of a carpet burn, with the top layer of skin off. When I get out of bed in the morning there is a slight bit of blood on my bed pad.

    When I had a sore on my elbow some time ago, I applied tinture (sp) and that worked quite well. Would that be effective in this situation?

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    What kind of product was the stuff you applied to your elbow? You said your sheets were a little bloody, but if you clean the wound off does it continue draining? What kind of supplies do you have~ gauze, Tegaderm (or some kind of transparrent dressing), any ointments?

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    If there's blood on your pad then you're sleeping on it. Don't or you'll make it worse and it won't heal. Since it's open you're going to have to cover it with something before it gets infected. Since you're sleeping on a bed pad - you must have the potential for accidents during the night? Would not be good to have one while this wound is open.

    Since it looks like a 'carpet burn' and it doesn't sound like it's over a boney prominence ... is it from transfers or how do you think it originated?
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    ....get a combiderm 4x4 on it....yesterday

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    It could be a sheer type sore but it almost sounds like a stage 2 pressure sore although it is really hard to tell without looking at it.

    Regardless the best way for that thing to heal is to completely take pressure off of it. Sleep on your sides and it wouldnt hurt to take a non-adherant dressing (one that wont stick) and apply bacitracin or something like that to it.

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    You have a stage II (at least) ischial pressure ulcer. You MUST stay completely off it (bedrest). No sitting in bed, no sitting in your wheelchair, no sitting on the commode or toilet. Ideally you should be laying in bed side to side only, no back lying.

    Don't try to treat this yourself. Tincture of benzoin should NEVER be put on open wounds. For now, apply a moist (normal saline) gauze pad, cover with several dry gauze pads and some tape, and change this 3X daily. You can also use Xeroform or petroleum gauze and a dry dressing and change this 2X daily. You can use Comfeel or Duoderm if you have some, and change it daily. Don't put on ointments.

    Increase the protein in your diet, and add a multivitamin and a zinc supplement to your meds.

    See your SCI phsician or a wound care nurse or physician on Monday. Take this very seriously. You have a potentially deep pressure ulcer starting, and if you don't take correct action now, you could be looking at many months of bedrest to heal it (and potentially surgery) if you let it get deeper.


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    I had a sore that ended up needing surgery which was no fun. It started out just as you r discribing. See a wound Dr ASAP. If you have an e-stem machine start using it every day for 15 to 20 min around the area to help blood flow. Ask you Dr about a wound vac as well.

    Good luck and God bless

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    E-stim, done correctly, may improve healing, but this has to be combined with non-weight bearing, proper wound care, and diet.

    I would never recommend a Wound VAC for a stage II wound. It is most appropriate for deep stage III and IV pressure ulcers. I doubt if you would find any insurances that would cover this expensive treatment for a stage II either.


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