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Thread: Question about magnesium citrate.

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    Question about magnesium citrate.

    I've been feeling bloated lately and my BP seemed a little off. My doc told me to try some magnesium citrate. When I took it, my stomach cramped up instantly. About 2 hours later I ate and did my BP. I got good results and the bloating is gone. However, now my stomach is cramped instead of bloated. Are the cramps from the magnesium citrate, (didn't wait long enough for it to totally work) or is this cramping from being emptied out? Should I do another BP? I usually don't go everyday.

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    How much did you take? We usually use this only for impaction. Something milder would be better for constipation. Next time try milk of magnesia. The cramping should get better soon.


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    I took about 5-6oz. I was told to try that and see where it got me. It seems to have done the job. The cramping just made me worried, thought I was going to have an accident. Hopefully it does go away soon. Thanks for your help.

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    What is it with these doctors???? I've seen countless threads where doctors have told people to pull out the big guns, when something milder would work.

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    Ahh the big gun mag citrate. I never have taken it but I have heard stories about how well it works. I also hear about how much cramping it causes and how much it causes you to go. I once had a co worker who took some before she got off of shift and she came back the next night and said she couldnt make it home which was 10 minutes away.

    Anyway as the others have said there are much milder things to take.

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    SCI NURSE; I'VE BEEN ON A DAILY diluted dose of 5oz magcit and

    16oz WATER, and more water. I take 2 bisocodyl and 6 senna.
    Otherwise, it don't come out each morning!
    I also use a muscle massager on my abdomen while awaiting the magic bullet to do its thing.
    what's up?

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    Tim, you are a megacolon waiting to happen.

    How much fluid do you drink daily?
    How much fiber do you get in your diet?
    Do you stand daily?
    Why do you need to have a daily BM?


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    you are freaking me out.
    i must suffer these supplements in order to offset the constipating effects of;
    actiq losenge

    you name it and it all seems to contribute to stopping me up. while at kessler rehab (most recent 30 day visit) i was experiencing AD during each bowel program. I would require nitro paste just to regulate my bp. My bowl programs are pure hell, especially when the rhoids begin acting up if my bm does not move within an hour of sitting on the commode chair.
    What the hell is MEGACOLON?

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    A megacolon can be the result of using long term strong laxatives in someone with obstructive constipation (which is how GI docs look at neurogenic bowel with a spastic anal sphincter). The bowel eventually gets stretched out and looses its muscle tone. Stool moves through the bowel more and more slowly, requiring more and more stimulation to move stool along. Transit time may be in the 1-2 week range vs. the normal SCI time of 72 hours. Evacuation may take 2-4 hours or more, and is rarely successful in really emptying. Often a colostomy is required.

    Try to avoid harsh laxatives and stimulants which add to the risk for getting megacolon. You didn't mention if you do any of the other things for your bowels I mentioned above. Also, are you taking softeners and/or bulk agents?


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    i am using the Guar based bulking agent. beneficial ? i find it works better than tall the others i had used. that could be because i was on different medications when i was using the citracell,metamusil may want to give that i try. i take two tablespoons in the evening with water or juice.
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