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Thread: gel overlay for bed

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    gel overlay for bed

    Just wondering if anyone else uses the gel type overlay on their bed ? This works great for my son's transfers but after being on his side for four hours his hips are sometimes red in areas- although area does blanch and redness goes away after a while. I'm thinking he may need something different -

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    We also have a problem with it sliding down to the foot of the bed. I also noticed that the pad stays very cool. Do you have a problem with this?

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    I do not recommend gel overlays. Unless they are at least 6" thick (which would make them VERY heavy), the person easily bottoms out on the gel, esp. in the side laying position. Gel can also "suck" all the heat out of your body, making the person feel more cold in bed, and as I mentioned, it is heavy. It can also be difficult to move on some gel mattresses (such as the RIK). They are also totally ineffective in any position with the head of the bed up.

    Does he use a hospital bed? If so, I would recommend a pressure reducing replacement mattress, of which there are many good ones made out of foam or foam/air chamber combinations. If he is in a double/queen sized bed, and needs to use an overlay, I would recommend viscoelastic foam overlays (3-4" thick) over gel as much more effective and functional. Even an air-filled static overlay, properly adjusted, is better than gel.


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    I will be going to Costco today to check out the Memory foam. My son also sweats a lot, maybe from the gel pad. It would be soo nice if he didn't have to deal with that anyore- we'll see.

    Thanks everyone for your input- !!


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    Buy a no-name memory foam overlay.
    I have a static air overlay now, but i think memory foam is better.

    Being turned every 3 hours is good for avoiding ulcers.
    But when I use a good matress I can sleep on my back all night.

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    We use the intellibed. Look it up on the web. It uses a differnt type fo gel. Esseentially, it is a silocon rubber honeycomb (actually squares). they sell an overlay, and it does not slide, or bunch or cause you to be cold. Very nice. And my wife doesn't need to be rolled at all at night...

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