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Thread: Happy Birthday Mary

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    Happy Birthday Mary

    Here go's

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    Special birthday wishes for our one and only Nurse Mary!!! You are the best! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.
    L-1 inc 11/24/03

    "My Give-a-Damn's Busted"......

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    Happy Birthday Mary.

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    Me, my kidneys and my cellulitised legs hope you have a happy 35th!

    Muah. Love you.

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    Have a great birthday Mary! I hope it is one to remember.

    Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood! Larry in 'Closer', a play by Partick Marber

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    happy birthday mary have a great day
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    Happy birthday, Mary. I think Scott should bring YOU some cookies in honor of the occasion -- home-baked, of course.


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    Happy B-Day Mary..

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    HBD Mary! I hope today is the start of a truly great year.

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    A Very Happy Birthday to You...Mary....
    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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